Performance-Driven: 5 Easy Ways to Stay Motivated at Work

Performance-Driven: 5 Easy Ways to Stay Motivated at Work

Do you struggle to stay motivated at work? Up to 70 percent of workers aren’t performing to their full potential.

Why? Because they’re simply not motivated enough in the workplace.

We usually focus on how employers can help to motivate their employees. But, what about the responsibility of the workers themselves to stay engaged?

Check out our five easy ways of staying motivated at work. Let’s take a look below!

1. Break Tasks Up Into Smaller Chunks

Around 41 percent of tasks of to-do lists are never done.

This can cause your to-do list to keep growing without making any progress. As your mountain of work gets bigger, you start to feel even less motivated.

It’s easy to start to feel overwhelmed. You cannot find the motivation to keep going when you’re so daunted by the scale of your tasks ahead.

But, when you break down everything you need to do into smaller tasks, you’ll find that it is much more manageable.

2. Eliminate Your Distractions

Everyone procrastinates. But, some people procrastinate more than others.

Are you always checking your smartphone in the middle of a task? Are you often turning to your colleague to chat about your weekends?

You can learn ways to eliminate any distractions in your workplace. Turn off your smartphone while you’re focusing on a task.

You may even find that changing your environment could help. Work in another part of the office or ask to go to a cafe for an afternoon.

3. Give Yourself Rewards

How can you convince yourself to keep going with your work?

You need to have extra treats to persuade you. Schedule special snacks after every hour of work or give yourself a coffee break when you have achieved something.

You might only need a small something to help you stay focused and engaged. This is much better than coming to the end of your task without anything to enjoy.

4. Focus on the Meaning Behind Your Work

If you do your job for a while you can start feeling disconnected from the meaning behind your work.

Even people to work in hospitals saving people’s lives or work for a human rights charity campaigning for justice struggle sometimes.

You can easily forget why you do what you do. But, remembering what appealed to you about your work can help to stay motivated when times are tough.

5. Keep Your Desk Organized

Having a messy desk certainly negatively affects your productivity and motivation. How can you stay focused when you can’t even move for paper?

You need to take back control of your organization with a better system of filing away your papers. By staying on top of everything, will keep you engaged with your work.

How to Stay Motivated at Work?

Do you occasionally get distracted at work? It’s not always easy to keep yourself motivated at work. Sometimes, you’d rather just be at home in bed.

However, with our helpful tips, you can make sure you stay engaged and excited about your work more. Check out our website for more blog posts.

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