Tips for Stay At Home Moms to Get Back into the Employment Market

Tips for Stay At Home Moms to Get Back into the Employment Market

Tips for Stay At Home Moms to Get Back into the Employment Market

If you have been out of work for a few years while looking after your children, you will find that workplaces have changed beyond recognition. Technology and automation have changed the way businesses run and made jobs totally different. If you now want to find some work as the children get a little older, you may be finding the prospect rather daunting. It need not be, though, if you prepare yourself for the challenges that new work environments have.

Online Courses for Further Education

One of the biggest changes that technology has brought with it is in education. In schools, colleges and universities all over the US, technology is in use for all ages of students. Online degree courses are a great way to earn some new qualifications, and because they let you study when you need to, you could be doing the work when your children are in bed in the evenings.

For instance, if you want to return to teaching after a break, you may be shocked at the changes that have been made in the way we now educate our children. However, if you complete an online masters in secondary education, it would not only enable you to find a better job, but would also bring you up to date with modern teaching methods.


If you feel that you need to brush up on your skills before looking for a job, why not volunteer your services to a local company for a few hours each week. The example here is if you want to get back into office work and administration. Businesses no longer use typewriters or even word processors. Everything in this area is computerized and often sent digitally as well.

This is just one area you could volunteer your services to brush up on skills as the opportunities to do this in the US are enormous. As long as you have not forgotten how to use a keyboard, you might be surprised how quickly you can learn the rest. Of course, there are short online office skill courses to help you if you want, and completing one of those could give you the confidence you need to look for a job.

Start Your Own Business

If you have a skill, such as cake decorating, sewing, graphic design or anything else, consider starting to offer your services to other people. Generally, people will pay for a skill they do not have and just letting friends and family know what you are doing could kickstart you in your own business. If you start an online business, you can use social media to get yourself know. This can be time-consuming, but costs very little and it can be a very efficient marketing tool.

Maybe what you really enjoy doing is looking after children. If so, you might want to consider registering as a daycare provider. With so many parents having to work, trustworthy and reliable childminders are in high demand.

You could have a fulfilling and rewarding career ahead of you and you should not be put off going back to work because of how the landscape has changed.

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