Receive the Best Treatment for Your Jaw Pain in Fair Oaks, CA

Receive the Best Treatment for Your Jaw Pain in Fair Oaks, CA

Jaw pain can be caused by various reasons and might result in deliberating pain.  Fortunately, you can resolve the pain by visiting an endodontist or a general dentist. At Madison Family Dental Group in Fair Oaks, California, Shiva Salehi, DDS, can help diagnose your jaw pain’s underlying cause and customize the best treatment plan for you.  For effective treatment of jaw pain in Fair Oaks, call or book an appointment online today.

Why Do You Experience Jaw Pain?

Jaw pain can be small pains that are a little uncomfortable to intense and debilitating pain that can have a lot of potential causes. Some of the most common causes of jaw pain include:

  •       Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD)

The TMJ is situated where the jawbone meets your skull on both sides of your head. The joint enables you to speak, chew, and yawn. Experiencing pain in one or both of the joints is a TMJ disorder, commonly known as TMD.

  •   Teeth Grinding

This refers to the habit of clenching your teeth and jaw. This mainly occurs when you are stressed or might grind your teeth unconsciously in your sleep.

  •   Abscessed Tooth

This refers to a tooth that has been attacked by an infection of the dental nerve or pulp and has been left untreated. Without timely treatment, the bacteria spreads to the tooth root and even the surrounding bone tissues. This, in turn, results in jaw pain.

One might also experience jaw pain due to indirect results of gapped teeth, periodontal disease, cavities, or severely damaged teeth that stress your jaw during eating.

What Are the Common Symptoms of TMD?

TMD is one of the main causes of jaw pain. Pain on the temporomandibular joints is one of the common signs and symptoms of TMJ disorder. However, you might also experience other symptoms, including migraine-like headaches, jaw locking, pain and pressure behind the eyes, difficulty chewing, facial swelling and pain, uneven bite, earaches, and tenderness in the jaw. You might also experience a grating sensation or clicking sound when you open your mouth or chew, in serious TMD cases, your jaws can temporarily lock, get stuck, or even move out of place.

What Are the Available Jaw Pain Treatments?

When you visit a dentist with jaw pain, the treatment will depend on its origin and the underlying cause. For instance, if your provider knows that you have been having teeth grinding at night, they might prescribe a nightguard to prevent you from clenching and grinding your teeth. If the pain results from a secondary condition such as gum disease, they will treat the primary cause first and then conduct a follow-up to ensure your jaw pain is resolved. At other times, you might require medicated pain killer medications to relieve your jaw pain.

In conclusion, if you are experiencing jaw pain in and around Fair Oaks, California, don’t wait to get treatment any longer. Dr. Salehi and the Madison Family Dental Group team use strict cleaning procedures and protective technology to keep you safe and relieve your jaw pain. Call them today by phone or book an appointment online for expert dental services.

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