Understanding Cancer its Effects

Understanding Cancer its Effects

Cancer is normally a disease caused by cells in a body divide that cannot be controlled. The dividing cells spread around the tissues that are surrounding them, the division of these cells is caused by changes occurring in the DNA. Cancer occurs when the mechanism of the body stops working normally. The old cells in the body normally don’t die, hence they grow without control, the abnormal growth causes the formation of abnormal cells; the only type of cancer that does not form a tumor is leukemia. If an individual has these traits, they should visit interventional pain management in Olney, MD, for further checkups.

Treatment of Cancer and the Side Effects

There is one major way of treating cancer, which is most common in the current society.

Chemotherapy. A form of chemical drug therapy meant to destroy those dividing cells that tend to grow abnormally in the human body. The chemotherapy comprises different therapies, which include hormone therapy, surgery, and radiation. For the therapy to be done, there are several considerations. Considerations include the stage or rather the type of cancer an individual has, the overall health and previous treatment of the patient, the location of those cancer cells, and treatment preferences.

Side Effects of Chemotherapy

The chemotherapy treatment is designed to kill all the dividing cells; other cells in the body also interfere. These cells include blood, hair, as well as the skin cell. One feels a lot of pain all over the body hence becoming weak, patients also experience hair loss and a lot of fatigue. Therapy also may damage the heart and lungs, leading to death or infertility due to damage of reproductive organs.

How to Prepare for Chemotherapy

Since chemotherapy is a serious mode of treatment, one needs to plan before taking the therapy. A patient has assisted hospital staff in anticipating potential problems that come along with it. A patient is also required to undertake a series of tests that will help determine the kind of therapy that will be suitable for them.

The health experts will recommend all the checkups that should be needed before the treatment, such as visiting a dentist. It is done because chemotherapy generally affects the ability to heal faster, and any infection from the mouth may spread.

Health Diseases Associated with Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy may cause Anemia. It is because the red blood cells which supply oxygen from the lungs have been damaged. A patient will feel very tired and weak. A cancer team normally monitors blood levels closely before the therapy to avoid Anemia.

Blood clotting issues are major effects occurring when taking chemotherapy. It is because the platelets in charge of blood clotting have been damaged. Blood will tend to clot in the case of any injury to a patient.


Cancer has serious underlying health issues, and one needs to seek help from qualified personnel.

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