Relatively Unknown: How New Musicians Get Spotted

Relatively Unknown: How New Musicians Get Spotted

Everyone says your music is hot – everyone down at the local club that is. Your family and friends all say to be patient, that one day you will be discovered. Not sure you are doing enough to promote yourself and get noticed?

All undiscovered new musicians go through this at the beginning of their careers. You don’t have to rely on your dream to get you by. Read on for some tips on how to get spotted for that record deal.

Marketing Tips for New Musicians

No need to stop pouring your heart into your music career to market your brand. In fact, the more passionately you pursue your music, the more momentum your efforts will produce.

Enthusiasm is contagious. Spread the word of your music and what it stands for every chance you get. Here are a few tips to help you along the way:

Play Lots of Gigs

You have to get out there to get noticed. New musicians have the fun of creating and refining their image and brand. Have fun with it.

Sure your music is your expression, but your fans are the reason for your music. Give them your time. Take interviews if you can get them and always be willing to talk with fans.

Leverage Social Media

The reach of social media is mind racking. Social media stars seem to come out of thin air. Get your music up on social media and post pictures and videos often if not daily. Think about it: where do you hear the best new music first? Social media, that’s where.

Which social media? Well, ALL of them, of course. Seriously though, the larger your social media presence the better your chances of getting noticed.

Barrack Obama has the most Twitter followers, but Justin Bieber comes in second with 112.3 million followers. Music fans are on social media and so must you be.

Don’t Compromise on Sound

Invest in the best stage presence as you can afford. Even the best new musicians don’t sound great unless they have the best sound equipment and soundman to run it. Never compromise on your sound. But if it’s hard to come by the right equipment (because not everything on Amazon is going to be top-notch), you’ll instead want to look into a music recording studio as the next best alternative. But then, you can be 100% confident that you’re going to be getting nothing but the very best if you go with this option!

If you are trying to get noticed then try to get noticed by impressing your audience with great sound and awesome stage presence. Learn more here about creating a professional stage presence.

Get a Team Together

Proper marketing takes time and you will need to leverage others’ time to keep your time free to develop your music. Put aside a budget for promotion and hire a media advertising company to handle your campaigns. The more man-hours you put into your marketing efforts the greater your chance of popping up on the music industry’s radar.

Catch a Break

The truth is you just never know where your big break might come from. Get your music out there as much as you can and if it’s good, someone will notice.

New musicians are catching their big break every day. Maybe today is your day? Take a look around for more lifestyle-changing articles here on our blog.

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