Five Reasons Music Festivals Will Change Your Life

Five Reasons Music Festivals Will Change Your Life

Attending music festivals is the most popular way for music lovers across the US to connect. With over 32 million Americans attending these events yearly, this industry is booming with potential. No matter your taste in music, the US hosts around 800 festivals you can choose from. You can head to Wisconsin to attend the Summerfest, the world’s largest music festival. Or, you can head to California to attend one of the most culturally phenomenal festivals, like Coachella, with more than 250,000 people visiting the Coachella Valley for two weekends.

No matter where you go, these music festivals can transform your life. It is an adventure worth investing in to escape the boredom of daily life and create memories you’ll cherish forever. If music is close to your heart, why not surround yourself with it and listen to your favorite artists in real life? The experience of attending music festivals is unforgettable! Let’s take a look at why that is so.

1. Explore New Music Genres 

There are typically multiple stages in music festivals with different performing artists with unique music styles. With so many artists gathering in one place, you can explore various genres, from country to K-pop to even less popular genres like classical music. Only 17% of Americans consider classical music their favorite, but you can explore places with exceptional live classical music. For example, consider the musical scene in Denver, Colorado. This city is considered to be one of the top 10 best cities for live music lovers such as yourself. So if you really want to be introduced to classical music, you can also check out my favorite classical music festival, which is in Colorado.

No matter your usual choice, music festivals allow you to expand your horizons and listen to music you may have never heard before! Exploring new genres develops your taste in music and encourages you to be more experimental. Each category of music caters to different emotions and evokes different feelings. 

2. Fashionably express yourself 

Have you ever wondered why people wear the most outrageous outfits and extravagant makeup at music festivals? It’s because they present you with a unique opportunity to express yourself. In this space full of music-loving strangers, you can be who you want without judgment. It helps you connect with your identity and self-expression by providing a safe area to express yourself, mainly through fashion. 

Artists express their thoughts, ideas, and emotions through music. Similarly, you can showcase your most authentic self through your clothing. Wear funky jewelry, net shirts, or colorful bandanas. Use this opportunity to freely experiment with how you present yourself in an environment that supports it.

3. Travel to new places 

Since numerous music festivals are hosted all over America, you can choose to attend one far from home. You can travel across the US to concerts in states with fantastic live music culture, like Colorado, which ranks 14th on the list of most live music-obsessed states with around 4,746 search terms related to concerts and music festivals. 

If you love music and traveling, you can combine these passions by attending musical festivals. Not only do you get to experience the different atmospheres of each state, but you also have an opportunity to explore new destinations. You get to combine two life-changing experiences into one package!

4. Connect with people 

When you attend a music festival with thousands of people who love music as much as you do, you are bound to make new friends. You experience a different community and bond with people you may have never met otherwise. Socializing at music festivals is a lot easier than everyday life because of the fun atmosphere. People are more open to engaging in conversations about their favorite artists and have their guard down. So even if you don’t have any friends to go with you, going alone is still better than not going at all. However, if you’re anxious about meeting new people because you do not know how to start a conversation, here are a few tips:

  • Start the conversation with a compliment, either their outfit or their energy. 
  • Always have a polite and friendly smile on your face to seem more approachable. 
  • Make light conversation with people in line as you wait to get in.
  • Wear band merch and look for people wearing similar items, and bond with them over it.
  • Pretend you lost your friends and ask if it’s okay to stick with them.

Making new friends is always fun and exciting but remember to keep yourself safe. Unfortunately, you should beware of stranger danger because around 43% of female festival goers report experiencing unwanted sexual behavior from strangers. As a precaution, keep a Taser or pepper spray with you to protect yourself and have friends on speed dial. 

Attending musical festivals can give you an opportunity to make lifelong friends. Don’t let fear keep you from having fun!

5. Relax and unwind 

Taking a weekend off to travel and attend a music festival is like a mini vacation. You can take time off your hectic job and forget all your responsibilities as you dance all night. If you’re stressed, going to a music festival can instantly relax you. Studies suggest that listening to live music lowers the amount of stress hormones in your body, called cortisol. This decrease in cortisol level helps control your blood pressure and heart rate, stabilizing your mood. 

Besides giving you a much-needed break, attending music festivals can also make you happier. Research supports this claim by reporting that people who listen to live music experience a 20% increase in emotional well-being. Attending a music festival is a refreshing experience that rejuvenates your body and mind. 


Dancing the night away and belting out lyrics in complete harmony with strangers is an unforgettable experience. Music festivals are something you should attend at least once in your life. It is a transformative journey that can change your view on many things. Considering everything in this article, why miss out on creating memories that last a lifetime?

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