Renting a Party Canopy: What You Need to Know

Renting a Party Canopy: What You Need to Know

Some people like to leave their events to chance, but not you.

You like to know that when the date has been set, the invitations have gone out, and everyone has RSVP’d that there will be no hiccups, no matter what the weather. The easiest way to ensure a happy event, rain or shine, is to rent a party canopy.

If it’s your first time renting a tent, no worries, we’re going over all the things you need to know to make sure your party goes off without a hitch. Here are a few things to consider when renting a party canopy.

How Will Your Tent Be Used?

It’s important to think about the way you plan to use your party tent. It may be covering the whole party, or just be keeping food and drinks safe. If you’re renting the tent based on possible weather problems, you’ll want to make sure you have a tent big enough for everyone or have other plans.

You may want to answer this series of questions:

  • Will the entire party happen inside the tent
  • Will you need room for dancing
  • Will your tent hold enough tables and chairs for your guests
  • Will the tent only be used for parts of the event
  • Does the place you’re holding the event allow tents with stakes

How you answer these questions will determine how large of a party tent you might need. It’s important to have this squared away before renting your party tent.

How Many People Are Coming to the Event?

When thinking about the size of your party canopy is to consider how many people are coming. A good rule of thumb is to have at least 10 square feet for each person at the party. This will allow enough space for everyone to gather around without feeling packed like sardines.

Will You Need Lighting?

If you like to party from the day into the night, having lighting is a must. Adding a few lights to your party canopy rental will add to the ambiance and make it feel cozy.

If you’re planning an event where people might be dancing, lighting is essential to make an inviting dance floor. You can go with a set of LED lights, bistro-style, or even stringed Christmas lights.

This article has some great ideas on how to add lighting or decorations to your tent. We hope it inspires you.

Consider the Best Style for Your Event

Party tents add flair to any event, but which one works best for your event.  Check out comfort teltudlejning for help needed in deciding.

Pole tents add high peaks, come in many different sizes, and are cost-effective. However, some people don’t like the pole tent’s circus-style and the fact that they require stakes to place in the ground.

On the other hand, frame tents can be used on concrete, come in many styles, and don’t have poles that obstruct the inside of the tent.

What are you looking for in your outdoor party canopy rentals?

Use These Tips for the Perfect Party Canopy Event

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful. We’re sure if you consider these tips, you’ll be way ahead of most people who rent a party canopy for the first time.

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