5 great reasons to enhance any occasion in Sydney by hiring a photo booth

5 great reasons to enhance any occasion in Sydney by hiring a photo booth

There’s nothing like the excitement of planning a big event or party. The thrill of lots of friends and family gathering in one place to enjoy festivities is bound to create fun and laughter, where sometimes new relationships leading to love might be formed for the first time. 

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or just a general get-together, there’s plenty to consider. Will the food be alright, and what if there are some allergies? Will there be enough drinks and a big enough range, and who to put in charge of the barbeque, always a huge responsibility! However, there is something that can be taken care of that will create lasting impressions for all those who attend. Getting the best pictures will be taken when deciding to hire a photo booth in Sydney for the following 5 reasons.

    1. The professionals know exactly what they are doing by tapping into their vast experience and using the highest quality kit which includes a professional DSLR camera and Studio Lighting. A couple of expert attendants will even come along to ensure that the best results are guaranteed. There will be worries about whether a mate puts their finger on the right bit of a phone after a few drinks!
    2. Professionally printed 4×6 modern postcards will be printed for each guest to take home using a custom-designed template, with each having a beautiful deluxe backdrop which enhances the images to make each look special. Having such a job made easy will allow the host to offer diners their vegetable-loaded to try with their meal.
    3. During the allotted time the team are in place, unlimited photos can be taken in the booth that creates digital copies of photos and gifs, so that they can be shared via SMS, QR Code, AirDrop, or Email, meaning that in minutes they can be shared with those not able to attend through social media. It will soon have messages flying asking where the photos were taken and mentioning just how amazing they look.
    4. Memories will last forever when recorded so beautifully, and the kids in attendance are guaranteed to love it and remember it for years to come. The skin-enhancing Kardashian-inspired elegant black and white filter for the glam photo booth or the modern booth for fun props and vibrancy creates a standard that simply can’t be matched with designated designs available when booked in advance. Maybe those with limited house space may choose a local hotel to hold their function.
    5. The booth is perfect to hire for those promoting their products or services at a trade show or perhaps for a corporate event where the extra touch of professionalism gets a deal over the line, with experts waiting to take images of the happy event. Booking is so easy online, with a deposit required in advance.

Hiring a photo booth will allow lasting memories to be captured of any special occasion around Sydney through the taking of highest quality images.

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