Top Tips To Avoid Injury When Returning To Activity

Returning To Activity And Avoiding Injury

People are generally becoming more aware of the need to stay healthy and look after their bodies. This has resulted in an increased interest in personal fitness. In fact, it is estimated that nearly 63% of Australians exercise 2-3 times a week.

Of course, there are times when exercise can’t be done. This can be after an injury or thanks to a global pandemic and confinement. You may even simply be starting exercise again after years of inactivity. This is the period when you are most likely to cause yourself an injury that can affect your ability to exercise. It can even cause long-term issues.

Fortunately, you can take steps to avoid injury when returning to activity or starting again.

See  A Physiotherapist

Most people think of seeing a physiotherapist when they have incurred an injury and are trying to get back to health. However, while they are beneficial for this, it is also a good idea to see a reputable physio, such as paying a visit to this Botany physiotherapy practice.

A qualified professional can show you the best exercises to warm up and stretch your muscles and limbs before and after exercising, reducing the likelihood of injury.

Of course, being in contact with a physiotherapist burwood also means you will get the best possible help if you do incur an injury. 

Take It Slow

The most important part of exercising, no matter whether you have had a short or long break, is to start slow. Even if you have been working out at an elite level for years, after a break it is best to start at the beginning level and work your way back up.

This way you will find your fitness level and your body will quickly reacclimatize to exercise, without you developing an injury. A massage is also a popular way to help you feel refreshed and can aid repair.

Mix It Up

This is good advice whether you are just starting, have been exercising for a long time, or are coming back from an injury. The main three forms of exercise are cardio, resistance, and flexibility. You should be doing a little of all three. It is the best way to increase your fitness while reducing the risk of injury and improving overall health!

Create A Schedule

You should also create a schedule. When you first start exercising again it can be hard to get back into the habit. To help you stick to your new exercise routine you need to create a schedule and log it in your diary.

It then becomes like any other meeting and you have to do it! This quickly becomes a habit and, providing you have chosen an activity you enjoy, it will be fun.

Do Something You Enjoy

There is no point running five or ten miles a day if you hate running. Whether you are just starting to exercise or are coming back from injury, choose an activity you enjoy doing. It will make it much easier to stick to your routine and regain the fitness you once had.

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