Most Effective Techniques To Successfully Limit Screen Time for Young Children

Limiting Screen Time for Young Children

Screen time is inevitable. Although for many parents it is strange as they grew up in an era before the digital revolution, the simple fact is that digital, and screens are here to stay. There are simply too many benefits associated with digital technology.

In short, children need to start becoming familiar with digital technology from a young age. But, there also needs to be a limit. After all, research suggests that too much screen time for children lowers their ability to think independently and slows development

That’s why you need to take steps to limit their screen time.

Early Learning Centers

A great way to get children off their screens and undertaking physical and mental activities is to sign them up for a reputable early learning center Hurstville where they will learn the basic skills necessary for life with limited or no exposure to screens.

This approach reduces the possibility of screen time and ensures you are in control of what they look at and when.

In conjunction with your early learning center, you should be encouraging your child to use a screen for no more than one hour per day.


This is particularly important in the early years. Co-watching allows your child to explore the internet properly but ensures you are there to steer them away from inappropriate content. 

This is a great opportunity to introduce the time constraint. Remind them every time they select a link that they only have so many minutes of time left. This will get them thinking about what they really want to look at as opposed to mindlessly following link after link.

While you are co-watching engage with your child. Ask them questions to test their observational response. It will help them develop good information retention skills!

Screen-Free Time

Regardless of how long you let your child stay on the screen, you should ensure there are screen-free times. That means no screens at mealtimes, none at bedtime or when watching TV, (which is itself a screen), and dedicated screen-free family time. 

Lead By Example

Your children will see how much you are on the phone and will mimic it. So, if you are on the screen every spare second you have, they will do the same. By limiting your own use you will show them that there are other things they can be doing than looking at screens. 

Explain To Your Children

It doesn’t matter what age your children are, you can talk to them about what it takes to stay healthy and develop naturally. That means getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising. Explain to your child how this makes a difference to their life and that they should take care of this before they spend time on screens.

By helping them develop a balanced approach to screens you will be helping them to adjust to life as an adult and it is never too soon to start getting your children ready for that!

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