Style Secrets That Will Make Your Outfit Look Super-Expensive

Style Secrets That Will Make Your Outfit Look Super-Expensive

Your fashion style is your unique way of presenting yourself to the world. And like many, you’ve probably wondered how you can make your outfits look more polished, put together, and more expensive.

The truth is, looking expensive doesn’t necessarily require an unlimited budget. In fact, with a couple of style secrets up your sleeve, you can make your outfits look super-expensive – even if they aren’t.

Lay the foundation with timeless pieces

Style Secrets That Will Make Your Outfit Look Super-Expensive

Trendy pieces can be fun to experiment with, but they shouldn’t make 90% of your wardrobe. A truly stylish closet is built on pieces that are classic and timeless, ones you can wear beyond one season. Items such as great denim jeans, beautiful, sturdy handbags, and elegant pointed-toe shoes are ideal for laying the foundation of your wardrobe. The same goes for classic pieces such as turtlenecks, LBDs, button-downs, leather boots, and scarves. For men, this will mean investing in staples such as a leather jacket, dark wash jeans, and white tees.

Rely on these pieces as the’ bones’ of your closet, and then use trendier, less expensive ones to add a unique flair to your outfits and fill out your wardrobe. This could mean everything from unique accessories to animal print to modern cuts.

Go neutral

Style Secrets That Will Make Your Outfit Look Super-Expensive

Colors can also make a difference in how expensive an outfit looks. Neutral colors such as white, black, camel, and gray tend to look more expensive, which is why they’re considered a staple in every wardrobe. Neutrals in monochromatic outfits in particular look super-expensive. They also pair well with other colors, and they can easily mix with other neutrals as well.

Think classic pieces such as a camel coat, a black moto jacket, simple white sneakers, and dark-colored blazers. All these pieces are so versatile and easy to combine that they can be used for a variety of outfits and styles. If you invest in high-quality ones, you can wear them for years to come.

Master the art of layering

Style Secrets That Will Make Your Outfit Look Super-Expensive

There’s something about a properly layered outfit that can make anyone look like a million bucks. To layer your outfits effectively, go for pieces that dress up a basic outfit.

Moto jackets, wool coats, raw denim, and a belted trench are some of the best pieces for elevating any look, whether we’re talking about flowy dresses, skirts, or a simple jeans-and-T-shirt combo. Layering is the go-to technique of style editors, and with a couple of nifty layering tips and tricks, you can make it your secret weapon, too.

Have it tailored!

Style Secrets That Will Make Your Outfit Look Super-Expensive

Going the extra mile can certainly pay off, and this is definitely true when it comes to tailored and made-to-measure clothing. When a piece of clothing fits properly on your body, your outfit instantly looks more polished, and therefore, more expensive.

Of course, you don’t have to tailor every item in your closet. You can simplify the process by learning your size and using that as a guide when shopping for clothes. That said, for those times when you need to look exceptionally good, taking the time to have your clothes tailored or custom-made is certain to elevate the entire look and make the final product appear super-expensive.

Add a pair of sneakers

Style Secrets That Will Make Your Outfit Look Super-Expensive

There’s a lot to be said about being comfortable in your outfit. It’s no longer necessary to always wear a pair of heels with your ensemble. Nowadays, there are so many shoe options that it would be difficult to find a pair that wouldn’t match your attire. If you plan on attending an event where you’ll likely be standing for a while then sneakers are the way to go.

So which shoes should you choose to upgrade your look? The Air Jordan lineup offers many fashionable sneaker options. One pair that’ll likely turn heads is the Travis Scott Jordan 6 British Khaki. The tan suede upper as well as the orange Nike Air, Jumpman, and Cactus Jack logos should provide an interesting contrast to any pair of dark-colored jeans. This pair builds on the previous collaboration between Travis Scott and the Air Jordan 6 Olive. In addition to a snap pouch, this shoe also features a zippered one as well. This collaboration between Scott and Jordan brand is expected to release in April 2021 in limited quantities.

Beauty is in the details

Style Secrets That Will Make Your Outfit Look Super-Expensive

Sometimes, the smallest details can make the biggest difference when it comes to outfits. Accessories can elevate even the simplest outfit without drawing attention from the overall ensemble. As with clothing, you should stick with accessories that are structural and timeless.

For instance, an elegant watch can make a monochromatic outfit more effective. Similarly, a classic card holder wallet made from the finest leather can make a simple outfit look so much more than that. Beauty really is in the details, and by paying more attention to the finishing touches you add to your outfits, you can achieve a look that is super-expensive yet perfectly balanced and stylish.

Presentation is everything

Style Secrets That Will Make Your Outfit Look Super-Expensive

Your outfit and overall look will speak for you wherever you go. Given how you only have about twenty seconds to make an impression, it is important that you make it a great one.

Start with polished hair, makeup, and nails, and do your best to ensure flawless complexion. Keep your accessories to a minimum, and make sure they’re kept in great condition. Handbags and suitcases should be shiny and clean, jewelry should be simple and minimal, and the clothes should always be freshly pressed and sans wrinkles. Add a drop of your signature perfume as a perfect finishing touch and your super-expensive look is complete. 

Wrapping up

Bringing up the classy factor is a matter of successfully combining expensive-looking clothing pieces with affordable ones. Stick with the tips above, and you’ll be able to curate a closet that looks luxe sans the hefty price tags.


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