Are You Neurotic With Your Wardrobe?

Are You Neurotic With Your Wardrobe?

Are You Neurotic With Your Wardrobe?


We all have our own neuroticisms, especially when it comes to our body confidence. This is often reported as the one thing people feel insecure about. Even if you have a perfect body with an athletic capability, you might worry if your nose is too big. Even if you have the most beautiful, symmetrical face and score modeling contracts left and right, you might worry about how long your fingers are. Everyone has something they object to about themselves, but your health regarding your self-image surrounds what you can love about yourself vs. what you might want to change.

It might be that you dislike your teeth because they are stained – that’s fine, you can have them whitened no trouble. But worrying about your fingers or foot shape? This is where acceptance can come in. If the body is a place of neuroticism, you can be sure that our clothing is as well. Are you potentially taking the same worried thoughts and applying them to your wardrobe?

Here are some markets that you might be:

Throw Out Items You’re Holding Onto

It’s understandable if you’ve gained a little weight and so wish to keep some items for when you return back to your normal size (such as during maternity,) but if you hold items for too long because you ‘might have a use for it someday,’ then you’re simply holding onto the past, and holding items that could make way for the new. Of course, with items such as a wedding dress you needn’t have to justify that at all. But if you find that your wardrobe feels more like a clothing mausoleum and less of a vibrant, present set of options for you – it’s time to rejuvenate.

Don’t Follow Styles Too Strictly

It might be that you wish to capture a certain style perfectly, but you’re going overboard. You do not need every single fashionable item within a certain style to fully embody it. Styles are guidelines, not recipes. For example, an edgy style could be whatever you would like it to be, with chic black corsets and waistcoat and fantastic boots. But if you only limit yourself to a certain styling, you can feel limited, even if it becomes ‘your thing.’ Be sure to experiment, and see how styles can inform your wardrobe, not the other way around.

What Do You Enjoy Wearing?

It might seem too simple a question to ask. We often have clothing for work purposes, for evening party purposes, for sporting purposes, for so many purposes that to list them all here would be wasting your time. A simple, resounding question can burst through all of that. What do you enjoy wearing? Can’t decide on an outfit for dinner tonight? Well, what do you enjoy wearing? Worried that you look overdressed? Well, what do you enjoy wearing? Always having this in your mind can help you enjoy yourself as you’re supposed to, and may help you become friendly with your wardrobe once more.

With these tips, fashion will once again become as fun as it’s supposed to be.

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