Taking Care of a Newborn with Extra Needs

Taking Care of a Newborn with Extra Needs

No two people are the same. We are all truly unique and have different wants and needs. The same rings true for newborns. When people talk about raising children and looking after newborns, the information is usually very generic, when the truth is, every child will have unique and individual needs that you will have to meet. This is especially true of newborns who have specific conditions or illnesses that are less common. While looking after any baby is going to be difficult and have its challenges, meeting the needs of a child with extra requirements can be even more tasking. The good news is that as soon as you figure out what you need to do, the extra requirements will become habit, routine and part of life as usual. Here’s some advice that can help you if you’re looking after or raising a little one who requires anything considered out of the ordinary.

Ask and Learn

If you have a child who is born with a lesser known health condition, an injury such as brain damage at birth or anything else along these lines, you may not automatically know the ins and outs of what the condition entails, how to manage it, what your little one will need, causes, treatments cures and more. It’s important that you consult your child’s doctor or other qualified healthcare professionals for more information on what’s happening and what needs to be done to provide your child with the best care and best quality of life possible. You can never ask too many questions. You can never know too much about it. The better you understand the condition, the better you can cater to your child’s needs. You can also carry out research online, confirming information with your doctor, or through registered charities that exist out there.


You may need extra support when caring for a baby with extra needs. Parenting is tiring enough in easier circumstances. Sometimes, newborns with extra needs will need more round-the-clock attention and care, which can be draining and tiring. You need to make sure that you’re looking after yourself at the same time as caring for them. Otherwise, you’ll quickly experience burnout and won’t be able to care for anyone. There are sources of support out there that you can draw from. Try to build a strong support network of family or friends you can rely on for a helping hand when you need it. You may also want to consider hiring professional help if you have the budget. This can give you an entire evening or day to recover and recuperate yourself.

Create a Routine

Having a routine can definitely help when it comes to taking care of a newborn with extra needs. This could range from coming up with a schedule for medicine or treatments to simply coming up with a routine for your social plans around your home plans and chores. Routine really helps you to keep on top of things and avoid feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. Do make sure to also schedule time for rest and recuperation in your schedule. It’s easy to overpack.

Taking care with a child who requires extra care or attention can feel difficult at first, but some of the tips above will help make the journey easier.

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