New Unique Baby Shower Ideas to Look Out For In 2020

New Unique Baby Shower Ideas to Look Out For In 2020

Pregnancy is one hell of a process, so the idea of celebrating the mom-to-be and her coming baby is simply amazing. Yet, making baby showers more than just the decorations or the diaper cake is so important, as there is a tendency that we follow the seemingly fun pattern that has been laid out over the years at our own expense.

New Unique Baby Shower Ideas to Look Out For In 2020

This could make the idea of the baby shower boring and very predictable to the mother if she has attended a couple of showers herself.  To avoid this problem, you should find more info on baby shower decorations before you begin your planning. 

To avoid having the celebrant get bored, we have helped in giving you an insight into the ideas to consider if you are planning a baby shower for that amazing friend of yours in 2020.

New Unique Baby Shower Ideas to Look Out For In 2020

Baby Shower Ideas for 2020

Go Green

The idea of decorating a space using green plants was hugely embraced in 2019, and the trend is definitely making it into 2020, in a bigger and better way.

A green plant definitely talks of life, a new life. This is why the idea of large potted greens for decorations at a baby shower would make a huge statement.

Imagine potted greens in the room corners, a small noticeable pot of greens at the center of the living room. You could also choose a corner of the room (perhaps a table), as the major celebration area, and lace it up with greens.

You can set up the house in this way while you have the baby daddy drive the baby mummy to her doctor. If she’s a lover of a green environment, even better!

Spa Treat

Baby showers are typically held close to the baby’s birth—usually around the third trimester. At this point, the mom-to-be will definitely be cranky, swollen, and probably worn out.

In 2020, instead of having the usual baby shower with the same old boring diaper cake and a scream of “surprise”, why not simply take her out to the spa alongside a few of her friends. Women like to have a good massage while talking with friends. And for a pregnant woman (who is probably in her third trimester), slipping into a nice white robe and getting pampered is definitely a welcome idea.

 A Whale Theme

While the unicorn theme has been famous at showers over the years, in 2020, get ready for whales.

Since whales are unisex, you do not have to worry about if the baby is a boy or a girl while using the theme. The grey color is also a great one to look out for in the coming year.

While you focus on the decorations, don’t forget that it is on you to ensure the mom-to-be looks great. So, remember to shop for some amazing baby shower dresses.

 Switch up the Activities

When the decoration is nicely done, the cake is ready and there’s enough to eat for every guest, things could still get boring. This is because the activities done during the course of the baby shower are so important. To start off with go for a unique baby shower nappy cake instead of a traditional cake. 

Why not ditch the usual game of candy in the diaper and its likes and go for something more thrilling?

Why not try painting the new nursery or set up the new cot with the mom-to-be, while rekindling childhood memories of each of you? It would mean a lot to her.

You could also play the “identify the baby game”, where you get to put up baby pictures of everyone in attendance and ask guests to guess who each of the babies is.

You could also spend time writing useful recipes for the mom-to-be, or doing some other meaningful activity that would be helpful to her as well as worth the while.

Gifts for Mom

In 2020, instead of the conventional baby shower for every mom, study the mom-to-be to know what is really important to her. Some moms have had so many kids and would just prefer to be gifted things she actually needs for herself, over a shower.

Bring a new child into the world could be taking a toll on the finances of the family, as the bills on the grown-up kids are not simply wiped out because a new baby is coming.

You could choose a day to shop and ship your gifts right to her doorstep. That in itself is a great surprise and maybe the most feasible option if the mom-to-be is in a new city or country. Imagine a day of having gifts delivered from family and friends on a steady, all throughout the day.

You have to be careful in gifting a woman that has had several kids and she may have all the essentials needed to raise a new baby. Hence, you can go for gift ideas that are probably not her priority at this point. You could also send a spa card, an in-house masseur or any luxury gift that is not on her priority list at the moment. 

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