The 3 Best Dog Subscription Boxes for 2021

The 10 Best Dog Subscription Boxes for 2021

Have you ever looked over at your furry friend and wondered how it came to be? How did a species get from wolves to dogs?

The truth is that the process isn’t totally understood. We know that dogs were domesticated at least 14,000 years ago, because we’ve found mummified remains in human settlements that date to that time period.

Regardless of how long our fluffy companions have been with us, it can’t be argued that they don’t love us, and we certainly love them. There are many great ways to show love for your dog, and one of them is with a subscription box.

We’ll talk about the best dog subscription boxes in the paragraphs below.

1. BarkBox

We should probably start by discussing BarkBox. Not only is BarkBox generally agreed to be one of the best dog subscription boxes out there, but it’s also the most famous.

Each BarkBox contains at least two toys and treats, as well as a chew toy inspired by a monthly theme. The interesting thing about BarkBox is that each gift it offers is its own design. There’s no other place in the world where these toys can be bought.

This comes at the price of $35 per month. This price drops to $25 per month with a six-month subscription, and $22 per month with a year-long subscription.

2. PupBox

PupBox is a bit more expensive than BarkBox, coming in at $29 per month for a 12-month subscription. However, there’s a good reason for this. It contains up to 7 items for your dog, as opposed to the 5 from BarkBox.

As the name suggests, PupBox is aimed specifically at puppies, and it’s very well-suited to that purpose. Each box comes with one of the best accessories for your pets, as well as one of the most overlooked–training guides.

How many times have we heard other dog owners complain about how hard it can be to train a puppy? Lack of potty training is among the biggest complaints of dog owners.

3. RescueBox

If you own a dog, it seems safe to assume you love dogs. RescueBox gives you the opportunity to pamper your own dog while lending aid to a shelter dog in need.

The box comes at roughly $30 per month, but you get a value of over $40. For each box sold, the company provides 5 pounds of food and two vaccinations for a shelter pet.

It’s not limited to dogs, either. If you have a cat, but still want to help animals in need, you can get one of their gift box subscriptions for a cat.

The Best Dog Subscription Boxes

If you’re looking for the best subscription boxes for your dog, look no further. There are many great options out there, but we’ve listed our favorites in this article. This isn’t to say that we are the final word, or that you shouldn’t think it over for yourself, but know that we put a lot of thought into this.

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