This Is How to Clean Leather Sandals the Right Way

This Is How to Clean Leather Sandals the Right Way

Believe it or not, sandals were invented in the modern-day state of Oregon. The oldest pair of sandals known to humankind was found in Oregon’s Fort Rock Cave.

The Fort Rock Sandals date back farther than Ancient Egyptian sandals and those of the Greeks, Romans, and Ancient Sumerians to almost 11,000 years ago.

While your sandals may not be as vintage, they are still a functional fashion item that needs to be cleaned. Learning how to clean leather sandals is essential to keeping them in working order for many years to come.

Know Your Intention

The first step in cleaning your leather sandals is to have a cleaning intention. Are you trying to remove dirt or mud? Is the name of your game to remove a nasty smell? Perhaps you are trying to conduct some regular sandal maintenance?

Search deep within yourself to find your sandal cleaning intention. Only then can you gather the necessary cleaning items and begin your sandal cleaning journey.

Gather Equipment

At the very least you will need some form of cleaning product, a soft brush, cloth, and water. To remove nasty smells try getting some baking soda.

Leather sandals also benefit from some sort of leather preservative application at the end of a thorough cleaning so get that as well.

How to Clean Leather Sandals

First and foremost, you should get in the habit of keeping your sandals well-maintained. This involves keeping them dry, removing dirt and grime as it builds up, and applying a leather-friendly conditioning spray on a regular basis.

There are many different types of sandals so make sure to look up what is compatible with your specific brand by contacting the company that made them. Depending on how soiled your sandals are, you may be able to spot clean them.

This involves using a limited amount of water, a minute amount of cleaner, and a brush to target specific deposits of accumulated filth. If your sandals require a deeper clean, apply more cleaner and water to their entire surface area and scrub clean with the brush.

Target the hard to reach areas such as under the straps first before finishing with the sole. Use the brush to remove caked dirt and sand and the cloth to target stains.

If your sandals still smell after a cleaning, put them in a plastic bag with baking soda, shake the bag and let them sit overnight. In the morning, clean the baking soda off and enjoy your fresh smelling sandals!

Once your sandals are spotless, make sure to treat them with a leather preservative to ensure their vitality for many years to come. That way your sandals will be durable as well as clean.

Keep Your Sandals Fresh

Nothing says self-reliance more than learning how to clean leather sandals. Nobody will take you seriously if you have a dirty pair of sandals, and buying new sandals every time they get dirty is wasteful.

Clean your leather sandals today! That way you will stay fresh and stylish. For all of your other news and information make sure to check out the rest of our blog.

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