The Best Gadget Gifts You Can Give To A Nerd

The Best Gadget Gifts You Can Give To A Nerd

Nerdom and its associated culture have exploded in recent years thanks in part to the rapid rise of the importance of the internet in our society. Where owning a computer or digital hardware just a few decades ago was left to the pioneering nerds, most everyone these days has a smartphone in their pocket. Technology is connecting us all together more greatly all the time. While it seems that everyone and their mum self-describes themselves as a nerd these days, everyone still needs presents and today we’re going to help you out in buying cool gadget gifts for the nerds in your life.

Beam Authentic

The Beam Authentic is an excellent gadget for any nerd and especially any fashion-conscious nerds. The Beam Authentic is a programmable button that you can clip onto your clothing or attach via a magnet on the back. This smart button connects to a companion app that lets you create, upload, and share images on the button’s front screen. Therefore, the Beam Authentic serves as a wearable gif that you can use to express yourself in an almost infinite number of ways. Assuming, of course, you limit that expression to the button’s front. Of course, being an electronic device, the Beam Authentic is limited by battery life, but you can easily get several hours of operation out of the device depending on the sophistication of the image you decide to display. Spice up a lapel somewhere with the Beam Authentic!

Volta Charging Cable

With the rise of electronic devices in our lives, we now have to feed the batteries of all the devices we own. The Volta Charging Cable makes this process just a little bit easier by using the remarkable power of magnetism! The Volta is actually a small tip that you plug into your electronic device that then allows a Volta Charging Cable to connect and disconnect magnetically. Another added benefit of the Volta charging system is that a Volta cable will magnetically attach to ANY Volta magnetic tip installed in a device. So if you live in a household where different Android phones and iOS phones are present, just plug the necessary tip into each phone, and then you can use the same cable to charge all of them. This will quickly and beautifully clean up any messy charging corner you’ve designated in your house. Bound to make any nerd’s life a little easier, consider getting the Volta.


Not all nerds nerd out over electronics. The beauty of nerdom is that a person can be a nerd in any subject or field with enough passion and motivation. 23andMe specifically appeals to those nerds that find an appreciation in the biological sciences and also in family history. 23andMe is a service in which customers supply their DNA to the company via a simple saliva sample and then 23andMe will provide information about how the contained DNA breaks out across 150+ regions worldwide to help you discover new amazing facts about yourself and even discover some long lost DNA relatives across the world. As 23andMe states, you have 23 pairs of chromosomes and one unique you. Help someone get to know themselves and their family better with this awesome little non-techy gadget gift!

A New Smartphone

There are so many new phones coming out on the market continuously that they can make your head spin. A new smartphone that is clearly an upgrade over your favorite nerd’s current phone can be considered to be the ultimate techy gift. After all, you’re giving your nerd a new device that will play a major role in their lives for the next few years. For example, you buy your nerdy brother a Samsung S9 to help him replace his old and dying iPhone 4. Of course, to help make sure your brother keeps his shiny new toy in working order, you browse some Samsung S9 covers and pick one out. We can guarantee that while expensive, your purchase and presence of a new phone to any nerd will be a massive moment in their lives that they will be appreciative of for years to come.

There we have it, a list mostly consisting of some of the best gadget gifts that you can grab for the nerd in your life. We’ve tried to cover a wide variety of needs and budgets in our short space here, but ultimately it all comes down to how well you know your nerd. Are they creative and extroverted? Grab an awesome programmable button! Always complaining about charging devices? Grab a Volta cable. Wish they knew more about their ancestry? 23andMe is there to help. Looking for an upgrade to their smartphone game? Help them out! All in all, we wish you the best of luck wowing your nerd!

The Best Gadget Gifts You Can Give To A Nerd

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  1. I’m half of a nerd so I would naturally like half of these items. Definitely keeping these in mind for others though.

  2. Those are some great items. 23andMe sounds pretty cool too. Will keep this in mind.

  3. These looks like some great picks! I really like the idea of gifting 23 and me. I’ve heard so many good things about it. Thanks for the gift ideas!

  4. These are all fantastic ideas! I seriously want a 23 and me DNA test! As a self-proclaimed nerd, I approve!

  5. omg I’m going to have to bookmark this page for my nerd of a brother! Thank you

  6. Beam sounds very interesting. Never heard of it, thank you for introducing me to the nerdy, awesome gadget. So fun.

  7. I would love to get 23 and me! I’ve heard such great things about it.

  8. Totally agree with everything in the post especially a new smartphone for a nerd peeps. It will really help them a lot in their everyday life.

  9. My granddaughter recently broke her phone and is having such a fit. She really misses having it to connect with her grandma and friends. She loved my older Samsung when she borrowed it. Maybe the new S9 for me and my old one for her 🙂

  10. The 23andme sounds pretty cool. I haven’t heard of any of these devices but I can understand why someone might love them.

  11. My husband and I just got the 23andMe and we’re impatiently waiting the results. It really is a fun idea for anyone, no matter their level of nerdity. Lol.

  12. Great ideas, Beam authentic sounds interesting, intriguing and fun, and of course who wouldn’t like to receive an smartphone?

  13. My kids keep telling me to switch my iphone to an adroid!! Your review is so helpful!

  14. I had not heard of some of these gadgets. I definitely appreciate the education! These sound like some great buys. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Some great gift ideas! I have a few members of my family that love gadgets so this is a great compilation

  16. I had never heard of Beam before. It looks like the perfect nerdy gadget my father in law would love as a present !!

  17. I would be happy to receive a new smartphone! Great gadget gift ideas.

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