Make Xmas Magical: 10 Christmas Gifts for Girls Your Daughter Will Absolutely Love

Make Xmas Magical: 10 Christmas Gifts for Girls Your Daughter Will Absolutely Love

Are you looking for some last minute gifts to put under the tree? Let’s face it, Christmas shopping is hard–even when it comes to your own family.

You probably had a few great ideas but are struggling to find enough gifts to make their morning absolutely magical. So, you’re probably left scratching your head and asking, “What are the best Christmas gifts for girls?”

And we have the answer! Keep reading to discover the top 10 Christmas gifts that your daughter is sure to love.

1. Princess Castle Tent

What little girl doesn’t want to be a princess? Sure, she has the play dresses and shoes. But what she’s really missing is a castle to bring it all together!

A princess castle tent is the perfect solution. You can even find one with fairy lights for that extra magical touch.

She can play dolls, read her favorite books, have movie nights and, of course, play make-believe princess in her new favorite place.

2. Hammock Chair Swing

Is your daughter in her pre-teen or teen years? Has she been begging you to repaint her bedroom for months?

Whether you plan to redo her room or leave it how it is for a little longer, a hammock chair swing will be the perfect addition to her bedroom. There are tons of different styles, ranging from colorful (for the younger kids) to boho chic (for those pre-teens and up).

They hang from the ceiling to give her a comfortable and fun place to read, go on her iPad, or sit while talking to friends. Plus, it’ll help give her that trendy and “more mature” bedroom she wants.

3. Clothes

You can’t have a gifts for girls list without including clothes. Let’s face it–whether you’re 5 or 50, clothes are a girl’s best friend.

But you can take this one step further by getting full outfits for girls. Finding the perfect shoes and accessories to match that amazing shirt you found will take this gift to the next level and make it truly magical for her.

4. Tie-Dye Kit

Don’t forget to pick up a few white t-shirts and shorts while you’re out shopping for clothes. Tie-dye kits are a classic gift for girls that never gets old.

Of course, you’re probably worrying about the mess, especially if your daughter is younger. But there’s a solution for that!

Tidy Dye Station is a mess-free alternative to traditional tie-dye kits. The string comes pre-dyed in different colors, spooled, and protected. Your kids then attach the shirt to a barrel, twist it, and move the strings around to dye certain areas.

5. Hair Chalk

Is your daughter always asking to do fun things with her hair? Is she in love with everything colorful?

Then you can’t go wrong with some hair chalk this holiday season. As the name suggests, it looks like colorful chalk but instead of using it on the sidewalk, your daughter can use it to color her hair!

But don’t worry–it’s temporary, and it washes out easily with a bit of shampoo and water.

6. Spa Day Kit

Spa kits are another gift that’s great for girls (and women) of all ages. You can let your daughter pamper herself or include extra supplies, so she can throw a spa sleepover with all her friends.

Face masks, nail polish, and toe separators usually make up the base of any spa kit for girls. Of course, you can always go DIY to save money and personalize it to your daughter or go for a creative spa kit that has your daughter making her own bath bombs or face masks.

7. Mermaid Tail Blanket

Does your daughter like to curl up with her favorite blanket to watch movies or play on her iPad? Then consider getting her a mermaid tail blanket for Christmas.

It’s shaped like an actual mermaid tail, and your daughter can stay warm by slipping her legs right into it. This first made a splash (pun intended!) in 2016, but kids and adults alike are still in love with this unique and warm blanket.

Plus, mermaids are currently trending with everything from adult makeup and beauty products to kids toys sporting a mermaid theme. This means that your younger and older girls will be sure to love it!

8. Candy Making Kit

If you’re daughter has a real sweet tooth, you can’t miss out on the chance to let her make her own candy. That’s right, there are candy making kits that can help your daughter express her creativity and have fun making her favorite treats, such as gummy worms and crystal rock candy.

The best part is that many of these have a scientific theme, like Gummy Candy Lab, Candy Chemistry, and Tasty Science. Your daughter is sure to have fun (because, hello–it’s candy!) while sparking or nurturing her interest in science.

9. Crystal Growing Kit

Of course, if your daughter already has a love of science, there are tons of fun gifts you could give her this Christmas.

One of the best is a crystal growing kit. It includes all the materials and instructions needed to grow multiple kinds of colorful crystals. They’ll have a blast and learn a little more about science along the way.

10. Fun Pool Float

Do you have a pool in your backyard? Then you absolutely need some fun pool floats!

That’s right, pool floats aren’t just solid-colored innertubes anymore. You can find them in all sorts of shapes, including unicorns, flamingos, and pizza slices!

Younger kids will love them for fun shapes and bright colors. But, since the biggest Instagram influences and celebrities are sporting these fun pool floats too, older girls will also be thrilled to unwrap one. Heck, you may even want to get some for the whole family!

The Best Christmas Gifts for Girls

Don’t get stressed out by your last minute Christmas shopping. Just use our list of the best Christmas gifts for girls as inspiration and hit the stores with your head full of great ideas.

Do you need more inspiration? Then check out these gift ideas for that one friend who always loses things.

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