The Colour Of Roses: What Do They Mean?

The Colour Of Roses: What Do They Mean?

The Colour Of Roses: What Do They Mean?


Roses are a universal sign of love and appreciation for all. If you are to get flowers for someone you love you will most likely choose roses and give these as a symbol of your affection. But did you know that different coloured roses mean different things? 

Lovely Roses and other amazing flower providers offer a wide range of coloured roses as gifts, and today we want to make sure you choose the right colour for the one you love or care for this year. 

Red Roses

Red roses mean love. This is something everyone knows and if you are in love with someone red roses are the best thing to buy. 

White Roses

White roses can be beautiful and classy, and they often are associated with marriage. They mean “a heart unacquainted with love.” They are the ideal choice for your wedding bouquet. 

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses are definitely a bold choice but they might not be the best thing to give to someone you love. Yellow roses actually imply jealousy, but luckily as times have moved forward they also have a new meaning of friendship. 

Pink Roses

Pink roses can be classy and beautiful, and they are the ideal thing to send to your sweetheart. 

Blue Roses

Blue roses are not a natural colour of rose and they might not be as easy to find as the others on this list. If you admire someone secretly and want to indicate this with an air of mystery, a gift of blue roses is a great idea. 

Rainbow Roses

Rainbow roses are something that might look pretty cool but they are also unnecessary. Rainbow roses look more like something you did in school as an experiment to show how flowers suck up water to live. 

Peach Roses

Peach roses are sweet and subtle, and as a choice for a gift they symbolise modesty and gratitude. This is a good choice to gift to a parent you are thankful for. 

Orange Roses

Orange roses are not the most popular choice of rose but this vibrant colour can really make a statement. They indicate passion and enthusiasm and can be a great gift for someone who has just got a new job or started a new chapter in their lives. 

Salmon Roses

Salmon roses are a colour in between peach and orange and they offer a beautiful millennial colour. They are a great choice for a new relationship as they convey a sense of excitement and anticipation for the future. 

Cream Roses

Cream is a colour often associated with the good old days and many of us don’t choose cream for many things anymore. But in a rose, cream is a beautiful calming colour and indicates a soft charm and thought.  

Purple Roses

You may not have often seen a purple rose, but these deep and vibrant coloured flowers are a stunning sight to behold. If you are looking for something a little new and different a purple rose indicated enchantment and magic. They can be a great choice for a festive centrepiece. 

Dark Pink Roses

Intense and deep pink roses are stunning and they are a rose that symbolises thankfulness and appreciation. This is a great choice for a Mother’s Day gift. 

Burgundy Roses

Red is for love, but deep red and burgundy conveys unconscious beauty. It is a choice you can gift to someone who doesn’t realise how special they are and it would be a beautiful and thoughtful gesture. 


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