4 Tips on Protecting Gardens from Animals for New Homeowners

4 Tips on Protecting Gardens from Animals for New Homeowners

If you’re having a hard time protecting gardens, look no further.

Many people start gardens when they purchase a new home because they give homes natural beauty. However, animals often go through the garden and eat things, making it difficult to maintain everything.

Depending on the size of your garden and types of plants, you may have a lot of trouble so you’ll need to take action to keep animals out. Fortunately, protecting gardens from animals doesn’t require much.

Keep on reading to learn about four tips to protect your garden from animals!

1. Use a Fence

One of the most effective ways to keep animals out of a garden is to use a fence. You can find various options for garden fencing at home improvement stores. Any place that sells garden tools will most likely have them.

Most garden fences are made of wires so that they can be easily manipulated to fit your setup. They’ll prevent animals from walking into the garden, though you’ll need to get one that’s high enough to prevent them from jumping over.

2. Make the Garden Less Attractive

Even if your garden doesn’t have food, you’ll run the risk of attracting animals if it has areas that look suitable for shelter. For example, if your garden has tall grass, some animals may try to use it to hide or build a nest. 

You’ll need to keep the grass and tall plants within your garden trimmed to prevent them from wanting to enter. Be sure to inspect the garden often so that you can avoid hurting any animals while maintaining it.

3. Use Repellents

Repellents for animals are some of the best things you can get to keep animals out of your garden. Depending on the types of plants you have, your garden may have natural repellents. Repellents give off a strong scent that deters animals from going near the garden, but they need to be replaced often.

As a repellent starts wearing off, you’re more likely to see animals come back to the garden. However, you can replace the repellents every few weeks to keep them away.

4. Set Up Traps

If you’re still struggling to keep animals out of your garden, you can set up traps. When you buy traps for rabbits and nocturnal species, you can place them around the garden and reuse them as you need. 

The only downside to using a trap is that you’ll need to figure out what to do with the animal. Because of this, it’s best to use traps after you’ve already tried other options.

Start Protecting Gardens the Right Way

After reading this, you’re now ready to protect your garden no matter what size it is. Protecting gardens is all about using resources to keep animals out, but you don’t need to break the bank. You can start by using something like a fence to keep most out, then explore the other options if you’re still having trouble.

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