The Top Questions to Ask When Looking for a Reliable Realty Firm

The Top Questions to Ask When Looking for a Reliable Realty Firm

Almost two-thirds of home sellers who used a real estate agent went with someone referred to by a friend or family.

While it’s always great to have a recommendation from someone you trust, you need to determine whether the real estate agent is right for you yourself.

You don’t have to hire any realtor until you have met in person first. That’s why the questions in ask in your initial meeting are crucial.

Not sure which questions to ask to find out if you’re speaking to a reliable realty firm? Check out our ideas below!

1. Have You Got Relevant Experience?

Selling properties isn’t the same everywhere. You need to make sure your realtor has relevant experience of selling similar properties.

Do they know the real estate market in your neighborhood? This could be important if they know how to market the property listing and setting the price.

If they haven’t sold a property in your price range before, they might not know everything about how to promote your particular home.

You also want to discover whether they have been working in the field for some time or if they’re new to the job.

2. Have You Got Any Referrals

Around 84 percent of people trust online reviews. That’s why it’s important for real estate agents to promote themselves on the internet as well.

You should ask the realtor whether they have any referrals or reviews available. You might even be able to speak to a previous client.

This can give you a second opinion on whether they are the right realtor to go with to sell your property. You don’t want to go with your instinct alone.

3. What Kind of Resources Do You Have?

Real estate agencies can be large or small. This may matter or not in your decision about which realtor to hire.

However, you should know about the kind of resources that the firm has at its disposal before you hire anyone.

If you’re hiring a part-time real estate agent who only works a couple of days per week, then this is going to seriously affect the speed of the sale.

4. How Much Do You Charge?

Unfortunately, you get what you pay for when it comes to real estate agents. You might be able to get a budget-friendly rate. But, don’t expect the same service.

You need to ask about how much the realty firm charges clients. You also want to know how they accept payment. This could be upfront or in monthly installments.

There will obviously be a commission involved. You need to make sure you negotiate this to keep it as low as possible. These questions are essential to make sure you get a good deal. 

How to Hire a Reliable Realty Firm?

Are you wondering how to hire a reliable realty firm? You need to ask the right questions if you want to find out if they’re the right company for you.

Do you want to learn more about selling your property effectively? You can learn everything you need to know on our blog!

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