Tips For Planning An Outdoor Event

Tips For Planning An Outdoor Event

The best events are the ones that feel unexpected and a little bit magical. The balmy evenings stretch for hours, the stars twinkle. Or if it is a daytime event, you can make the most of the weather by having a large tent for an event. The possibilities are endless. 

If you are in the middle of planning your outdoor event, then you should read these tips. 


Some events lend themselves to being outdoors, and others don’t quite work. Tech events, for example, are a no-no for outdoors, unless you are showcasing their waterproof features. But even then the wires and sockets are going to cause havoc. So before you start pricing up branded wellies, consider if the event will work outside. 

If you opt to celebrate outdoors, it is essential to make decisions regarding how you will cater to your guests and beyond. So, in such cases, a great option is considering food trucks. Food trucks for catering events not only provide nourishment but also add to the musical ambiance of the event. Choosing between a Taco Truck or a Mobile DJ Truck depends on your preferences. So, whichever option you choose, anticipate the unexpected, as outdoor parties are often filled with delightful surprises, which contribute to their inherent charm and allure.


While you might love the idea of a huge tent next to a castle, the cost can be something most people would baulk at. If you have the perfect venue but no parking near-by you’ll have to ask for permission for cars to park, and potentially ruin the area. So when narrowing down your venue choices, consider carefully what the most important things are. 


If it has been sunny consistently for the last few years during the period you want to host the event, then you are probably going to get that same sun. However, you wouldn’t be your money on it. So you need a backup plan. What if the rain is torrential? Hiring a backup venue can be your rainy day strategy. Or having the event in a space that has an indoor venue attached. 

Remember that you are going to need to have insurance and people at the spare venue just in case which is a cost for nothing if you get the weather you really want. 


If you are having a product launch, live music, or photo booths, then you need to have everything there long before other people arrive – and you might only have the keys to the space the night before. If your event is in the evening, then you need to consider how you are going to run lights. A generator is usually the equipment of choice – but you’ll need to do your research to work out what type if going to be better for you to use. 


Outdoor events are notoriously bad for not having the most basic of things. Toilets being one of them. You need to have toilets that can cater to all too. And we all know that the ladies line is much longer – so double up on the ladies loos. Food and drink should be another consideration. Are you going to hire a catering company or a food truck? 

If the event is during the day aside from the event tent you are going to need to find extra spaces of shade and for the evening? Citronella candles and lights around the boundaries. Seating should be prominent on your agenda. If you have 100 tickets sold, you need 130+ chairs. Because you also have a team that you need to keep comfortable too. 

And the most important thing is that you enjoy the day/evening too! It is easy to get wrapped up in the details and miss the joy. 

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