7 Luxurious Ways To Transform Your Backyard

7 Luxurious Ways To Transform Your Backyard

Is it time you added a touch of luxury to your backyard? There are all kinds of incredible features that you can invest in to make your backyard feel like a private paradise. Below are just a few ideas for inspiration. 

Mini spa

Make your backyard a place to truly relax by setting up your own mini spa. This could include building a sauna and adding a hot tub. Hot tubs and saunas can be very expensive (especially if you’re going down the custom route), but there are affordable options such as DIY sauna kits and inflatable hot tubs. 

Custom pool

You could also consider looking into custom swimming pools to fit the shape of your backyard. Pools are ideal for homes in warmer climates, giving you somewhere to cool off. They can also be great party pieces, plus they’re good for practising lengths and getting some exercise. They are expensive to build and require a lot of maintenance – which is something to weigh up before you splash out on one.

Outdoor cinema

An outdoor cinema could be another fun feature if you love watching movies. This could take the form of a large TV screen or a projector. Large external TV screens can be expensive and need to be protected from bad weather, but can offer great visual quality. Projectors may not offer the same quality, but are cheaper and have a charming old-skool feel. You can project the film onto a screen, a wall or even a fence.

Home bar

An outdoor home bar could be great for parties or simply enjoying a few drinks at home. Home bars can take many forms from basic Tiki bar stalls to fully-kitted out bars with beer pumps and drinks fridges. A popular solution is to convert a shed into a home bar.

Giant fish pond

Fish ponds are beautiful features that can be very relaxing to spend time near. Rather than opting for something small, why not go big with a giant fish pond? This could allow you to add all kinds of fish and even consider features like fountains or small bridges. Fish ponds do require a lot of maintenance, but are worth it for those that love gardening. 

Private playground

If you have kids and a fairly large garden, you could even consider creating your own private playground. This could include a climbing frame, swings and a slide. You can involve your kids when designing this playground. Just be wary that kids may eventually outgrow this playground – they may be better features for larger families in which you can guarantee there will always be kids. 

Fire pit

A fire pit could be great for huddling around on a cool evening. While they are often seen as a luxurious feature, fire pits don’t cost much money to set up. Just make sure to place them somewhere where there isn’t an overhead canopy or nearby plants that could potentially catch alight. Chimineas are an alternative to fire pits that could also be worth looking into.

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