Fruits that you Can Add to your Keto Strawberry Shake

Fruits that you Can Add to your Keto Strawberry Shake

The purpose of a keto diet is to drive the body to ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic state that naturally pushes the body into burning fat and not carbs. A keto diet requires an intake of 75% fats 20% proteins and 5% carbs. You can add fruits to your keto diet meal plan as a dessert or as a component to a mouthwatering keto strawberry shake.

Fruits that you Can Add to your Keto Strawberry Shake

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Some fruits have a lot of carb content than others. You should know the right fruit to incorporate in your keto strawberry shake to help you accelerate your weight loss and achieve better keto outcomes.

How to Consume Fruits in Keto

Experts recommend that keto fruits should be consumed in moderation to maintain ketosis. Low carb fruits like avocados can be used alongside fats such as olive oil, grass-fed butter, ghee, coconut oil to boost other healthy fats and reach ketosis.

High carb fruits like berries, cantaloupe or watermelon, should be taken in minimal amounts. They can be blended together in a keto strawberry shake with unsweetened Greek yogurt, coconut milk, collagen, and non-starchy veggies to the right measure when maintaining your ketosis. You can also include bone broth, MCT oil, herbs, and spices to increase outcomes. 

Fruits for Your Keto Strawberry Shake

Below are fruits you can use in your keto strawberry shake for a delicious filling every day:


Avocados are excellent additions to the keto strawberry shake and any other keto meal. Half a cup of avocado has 8.64 grams of carbohydrates, and half a cup of avocado translates to 15.41 grams of fat. Taking half a cup of avocado will increase your fat intake. Avocados also have dietary fiber, potassium, and a little sugar.


Berries have high amounts of carbs. They are nutritious fruits for keto, especially for including in your keto strawberry shake. Half a cup of blackberries contains 9.61 grams of carbohydrates. Unfortunately, blackberries do hot have high-fat content but can be used alongside other fruits high in fat content. 

Blackberries also contain potassium, fiber, sugar, vitamin C, and K. They are good fruits for weight loss.


Tomatoes are both vegetables and fruits that are low in carbs. They have 0.25 grams of fat content and 3.47 grams of carbohydrate content. You can blend your ripe tomato with your keto strawberry shake to reach your daily carb count. Tomatoes have a substance known as lycopene that can help to prevent heart disease.


Rhubarb is another fruit that you can use in your keto strawberry shake preparation. It tastes tart, and half a cup of rhubarb serving contains 1.7 grams of net carbs and approximately 13 calories. They also contain potassium, vitamins A and C, and calcium. Remember to remove rhubarb leaves to avoid intoxication.


Olives are a bit salty, but an excellent addition to your keto strawberry shake because of their low carbohydrate and high-fat content. Half a cup of olives will provide 7.49 grams of fats and 3.59 grams of carbohydrates, making it a welcome boost to your daily carb intake.


Raspberries are sweet and can help your heart health. They are keto-friendly and can make your strawberry shake more nutritious. They have flavonoids that can lower blood pressure and improve artery health to help you reduce your risk of heart disease.

Fruits that you Can Add to your Keto Strawberry Shake

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Half a cup of raspberries us equivalent to 11.94 grams carbohydrates and 0.65 fats. Therefore raspberries can help you complete your daily carb limit.


Watermelons are typically low in carbs and can be an excellent addition to your keto strawberry shake. Half a cup of watermelon has a carbohydrate content of 7.55 grams and 0.15 grams of fat content. The juicy watermelon can fill up your carb count for the day.


Coconut is not only refreshing but hydrating too. Adding it to your keto strawberry shake means an additional 15.23 grams of carbohydrates and 33.49 grams of fats. 


Cantaloupes are low in calories, making perfect for a keto strawberry shake to fill your day. Half a cup of raw cantaloupe has 5.8 grams carbohydrates and also offers potassium, vitamin C and A to your drink. Cantaloupes are very delicious and will leave you filled much longer.


Lemons are always a welcome addition to any meal, including the keto strawberry shake. They are keto-friendly, with one wedge giving 0.5 grams carbohydrates and 0.2 grams sugar with additional vitamin C. Lemon fruits have antioxidants that help to fight free radicals and promote digestion.


Most fruits have high natural sugar and carbohydrate content, components that are strictly restricted by the low-carb keto diet to allow you to reach ketosis. Therefore you should be careful with certain fruits to include them in moderation to your keto strawberry shake. 

However, there are other high-fiber, low-carb fruits such as limes, avocados, blackberries, strawberries, and lemons you can freely use in your shake without worrying much about the calorie count. That being said, do your best to use only fresh fruits or fresh frozen fruits.

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