Top 5 Indicators You Need Dental Implants

Top 5 Indicators You Need Dental Implants

Several reasons can make you lose some or all of your teeth. Although many people focus on the cosmetic side, missing teeth can cause more complications besides your smile alteration, increasing the need for replacements. You can consider dental implants in Old Bridge as the teeth replacement option has proven effective in offering a permanent solution to tooth loss with fewer complications. Although implants may not be suitable for everyone, several signs can tell you if you need the treatment for sure. Some of the common reasons you might need dental implants are outlined herein.

You have Lost Teeth, or they are Chipped.

This is a more obvious reason that dental implants can restore your smile when you lose some or all of your teeth. The implants are designed to look like your natural teeth and are the most durable option for replacing your teeth. Your teeth will look natural, and you will be able to eat, talk, and smile like with your natural teeth. Therefore, if you have this problem, it is good to consider dental implants and explore your options.

You Have Issues with Dentures

Dental implants involve a major procedure, and you might have skipped it to try other less invasive options like using dentures. However, you might have experienced issues like dentures failing to fit properly, which can do more harm than benefit. You might want to consider dental implants since they are firmer, which will help you avoid the pain and discomfort associated with loose-fitting dentures. The implants stay in place, avoiding irritation to your gums and further eliminating your discomfort. But ensure you discuss thoroughly with your dentist about your decision to switch to dental implants so you can compare the cons and pros of both options.

You Have an Infection

A sign of infection in your teeth could be an indicator you need dental implants. An infection will worsen over time and destroy the integrity of your teeth until they cannot be saved. This can also cause further serious health issues, and choosing dental implants will not only ease your pain but also prevent future complications. Please ensure you report any sign of infection to your dentist for quick action before it gets worse.

Your Jawbone is Deteriorating

If you lost teeth a while ago and you did not seek treatment, your jawbone is probably deteriorating and may be receding. Dental implants not only offer a replacement for the missing teeth but also improve your teeth structure. The implants are anchored directly to the jawbone and can stop further recession. Without the implants, you might increase your risks for developing other jay complications, which can cause additional tooth loss. Implants will strengthen your jaw.

Your Face is Sinking

If you notice changes in your facial appearance and have a teen having some missing teeth, it is time to talk to your doctor about dental implants. Your skin could be sinking due to bone loss, but implants promote bone growth. Note that your face could still sink even when using other replacement options like dentures that do not promote bone growth. Therefore, you can consider dental implants for a natural lift that improves your look and your teeth’ function.

Consult Allan Pvlushkin, DDS of Empire Dental Group of New Jersey, today to learn how you can benefit from dental implants. Implants could be the solution to your issues that have been preventing you from leading a quality life. 

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