Understanding The Options When You Have Missing Teeth

Understanding The Options When You Have Missing Teeth

They say that a good smile gives you confidence. In essence, the principle is sound. After all, if you have a good smile you want to show it off and you are confident people will find it attractive. This gives you the confidence to try many things that you may not otherwise do.

That’s why missing teeth can be a real issue. You won’t want to show your teeth so will keep your mouth shut and avoid smiling. This is especially true if the missing teeth are at the front of your mouth. The result is an unwillingness to smile and you will gradually stop going to events where you might have to smile. Ultimately, it leads to being a recluse and potentially depressed!

Fortunately, you can see a good dentist, such as this dentist St. Leonards, and get the issue resolved.


Implants are the most expensive option but they are also the best. Not only do they look genuine, they will last a lifetime and you simply look after them in the same way that you would any other teeth. 

The procedure is simple, the dentist will clean the affected area and then drill into your jawbone. They then implant a small titanium rod and leave it to heal. After a few weeks, the rod will have fused with your bone. They can then attach the replacement tooth to the rod and it looks just like new. 

It’s simple and effective with the added bonus of potentially lasting the rest of your life.

Implant Bridge

If you have more than one tooth missing and they are next to each other then individual implants can still be done. However, the more common approach is to implant a titanium rod into the jaw in line with every other tooth. The teeth are then made up and attached to the implant rods, giving you a full set of teeth with plenty of support but less cost and surgery. 

Tooth Bridge

The tooth bridge works similarly to the implant bridge. It is secured to solid teeth in your mouth and then a replacement tooth slots down from the fitting to cover the damaged spot. 

This type of repair can take more time to get the finish right and it is cheaper than a full implant. But, it is also not as strong and more likely to need replacing in the future.

Removable Dentures

These are becoming less popular as is the image of grandma putting her teeth into a glass at night. However, they are still an option. The dentist will make up a mold that fits the gap in your teeth. You then fix it in place daily with a special adhesive. It’s cheap, simple, and effective.

However, if you have removable dentures you need to consider what you eat as they are not a good idea with stronger foods, such as apples. That means you will need to be careful what you eat and this may have a detrimental effect on your daily habits. 

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