Top Tips for Planning a Thrilling Family Vacation in Australia

Top Tips for Planning a Thrilling Family Vacation in Australia

Travelling to Australia with kids will require detailed and long planning. Starting on time is vital if you want to save time and prevent stress. Researching the best places to visit, places to stay, and food to eat will save the time and hassle of looking for ideal places to go to when you arrive and have you ready in advance. Australia is home to diverse wildlife and a full spectrum of exciting activities, so take a look at some of the top tips for experiencing a family trip in the best way.

Set a realistic budget and save up

The first thing to remember about Australia is that it’s not among the most affordable countries to travel to. That is especially true if you’re travelling from the United States or Europe, as the flight ticket can cost up to $1500 per person alone. With that in mind, you’ll want to plan for a lengthy stay since you’re going to cross all those miles and time zones. Tourists say you’ll need at least two weeks to have a decent family vacation after fighting the infamous jet lag. Also, look for online deals and try to book your ticket as long in advance as possible. Airfares will be more expensive as your journey date approaches, so the sooner you book your tickets, the less you’ll have to pay.

Prepare for a long flight

Top Tips for Planning a Thrilling Family Vacation in Australia

Depending on the part of the world you’re travelling from, a flight to Australia can last an entire day with or without a layover. Counting from the moment you step outside your home until you land in Australia, hours add up quickly making you lose precious time while you fly through numerous time zones. Stock up on lots of snacks and entertainment alongside comfortable pillows and blankets to keep you cosy during your flight.

Book accommodation in advance

To save up and ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable place to stay, book your accommodation in advance. When travelling to Australia, you’ll want to visit multiple cities from Sydney to Melbourne. Jervis Bay is one of the charming places in Australia worth visiting because you can go whale watching, and camping or check out their lovely botanical gardens. Jervis Bay is the perfect stop between Sydney and Melbourne as it takes a little over 2 hours to drive there. Book a Jervis Bay accommodation in advance to travel worry-free and offer your family the best stay while saving up on booking early.

Jet lag can be brutal

When you set off today and land two days later at your destination, you cannot expect to adjust to a new time zone that quickly or easily. So, get ready to experience the worst aspect of travelling to a remote country – the big bad jet lag. People who have travelled to the Land Down Under say it will take up to a week to feel yourself again. However, the first two days are crucial for recovering from a long flight, so take it easy for the 48 hours upon arrival. Don’t be surprised if you cannot get out of bed for a day or so because the time difference affects everyone differently.

Put together an itinerary

Top Tips for Planning a Thrilling Family Vacation in Australia

Have you ever gone on such a long journey? Suppose you have never planned an itinerary for a several weeks long trip. In that case, you should know that scheduling activities will make the entire experience well-organised and prevent wasting time as you look for things to do and places to go. Research best places to visit in Jervis Bay, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and other cities you plan to visit. Set enough time between activities to have food, and relax on the beach or in your accommodation to make the trip as enjoyable as possible.

Lists are lifesavers

Going on a long family trip means you’ll need to bring several suitcases with clothes and necessities galore. To prevent forgetting some of the essentials, start making lists the moment you book your ticket and accommodation. Separate lists to make packing more organised. Have one list for clothes, another for toiletries, the next one for documents and for anything else you believe you might forget to bring otherwise. As you pack, cross the items off the list until you complete them. Don’t forget to pack the hand luggage toiletries according to the transportation security administration to prevent long inspection at the airport security point. 

Travelling to Australia will be beyond exciting as long as you plan for a hassle-free trip. If it’s your first time travelling to a remote destination, our tips will be invaluable. Keep in mind all the aspects we’ve listed above, and you’ll have no problem packing, booking suitable accommodation and spending an unforgettable vacation in the Land Down Under with the family.  

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