Vaping Fact Guide for Parents

Vaping Fact Guide for Parents

Almost 4 million underage kids use vape products across America. If you have to ask yourself: “I wonder if my child is vaping?” it may already be too late.

Arm yourself with the following vaping facts with this parent’s guide on vaping. That way you can have a meaningful conversation with your child and ensure that they know the health risks associated with underage vape use. It is never too early to protect your child, so read on to arm yourself with knowledge.

What Is Vaping?

Vaping is the process of inhaling concentrated nicotine (or other substances) from a vaporizer machine. Unlike conventional smoking, a vape produces water vapor for the user to inhale rather than smoke.

However, just because you don’t inhale smoke while vaping doesn’t mean that it is a safe alternative to cigarettes.

Why Is Vaping Bad?

Vaping can be just as addicting as cigarettes if your child decides to use nicotine-infused vape juice in their machine. Many of the vape cartridges have fun and fruity tastes to encourage overuse and addiction.

Some vape concentrates based on the substance Vitamin E can cause severe respiratory problems. This substance is banned but is still in some cheap black market vape cartridges.

While vaping seems innocuous at first, it can lead to full-blown nicotine addiction if users are not careful. Using a vape can cause an increase in the potential development of cancer.

Not only that the vape juice itself can damage DNA, limit cell repair functions, and enhance cell mutations in the user. Different types of vape juice create specific health problems as well.

This includes things such as respiratory problems, toxicity, and cell damage. A lot more research needs to be done on all of the negative health effects of vaping.

It is clear however that it can be a destructive and addictive habit that is best avoided at all costs. Also, vaping is far more incognito than smoking as it leaves no lasting smell or residue.

This allows your child to get away with it much easier than if they were smoking cigarettes or other substances. If you think your child is at risk talk to them right away about the negative health effects of vaping.

Vaping Facts

The fact of the matter is that vaping is a harmful and common habit among the youth of America. If your child goes to public school, they have been exposed to vaping.

Vaping in schools is on the rise among the youth. No amount of rules or enforcement can prevent your child from using. You are the first line of defense between your child and vape addiction so make sure to talk to them now.

Keep Your Child Safe

The best way to keep your child safe from the dangers of vaping is to establish a communication-based relationship founded on trust. This can be hard during the volatile teen years but you can do it.

Vaping facts can be grim, but it is better to be aware of them than to be caught off guard. Talk to your child today about the dangers of vaping and make sure to check out the rest of our page for other informative articles.

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