Why Is My Vape Not Working? 5 Ways to Troubleshoot Your Vape

Why Is My Vape Not Working? 5 Ways to Troubleshoot Your Vape

When you start wondering, “What’s wrong with my vape pen?” it may be past time to give it a thorough cleaning, replace the battery, or update a few pieces of hardware. Diagnosing the issue is simple, with a few troubleshooting tips.

If your vape pen is giving you headaches, refusing to turn on, or causing to cough, you may want to stop using it until you’ve read this brief troubleshooting guide. After all, it’s just as crucial to stay safe as it is to take excellent care of your vape.

My Vape Stopped Working: Tips and Tricks

There’s almost nothing more annoying than loading up your vape pen and finding that is doesn’t work anymore. Alternatively, you might be experiencing some vaping issues that are driving you crazy, like a leaky tank or odd gurgling sounds.

There’s a solution to nearly any vape problem, and many of them only require a few seconds of your time. Without further ado, let’s explore some of the most common vape pen issues and their potential fixes.

1. Won’t Turn On

If your vape pen doesn’t turn on, there could be several factors at play. A poor charger connection, a faulty charger, or a dead battery can all cause your pen to shut down semi-permanently.

If you’ve tried charging the pen or resetting it and there’s still nothing happening, you may want to try one of the solutions below.

Potential Solutions

The very first thing you should double-check if your vape pen manual. Many pens have an auto-lock feature that helps prevent accidental operation while the pen is in your pocket or a bag. That means you may need to click the ‘on’ button a few times.

If you’ve been clicking the appropriate amount of times but have still seen no changes, you may need to check your charging cable. It is easiest to do if you have another vape pen handy to test it on.

Still, if your vape doesn’t turn on even after being connected to a power source, there’s one more thing you can try. Check your battery. Is it connected to the tank? If not, you may need to bring it in for light repair and servicing.

If it is connected, you may need to order a new charging cable. A technician may help you determine the exact cause and avoid purchasing unnecessary extra accessories and components.

2. Leaking Vape Juice

When you go to take a drag from your vape pen, the last thing you want is to get your handy sticky and smelly with e-juice liquids. Unfortunately, this is a relatively common issue, especially for beginning vapers.

On the flip side, this issue has two quick fixes. Besides, once you’re aware of why this issue happens, you can take the right steps to ensure that it never happens again. Your favorite pair of jeans and your comfiest T-shirts are bound to thank you.

Potential Solutions

The first thing you can do when dealing with a leaky tank is checked to make sure that the tank is fully screwed into the mouthpiece. If your vape uses a latching mechanism, check to ensure that the latch is in excellent condition.

If your tank was tightened but still leaking e-liquid, you may need to replace your o-rings. These are small, and rubber washer-type rings that help to form a seal between your tank and mouthpiece.

Over-tightening your tank can cause premature wear and tear that damages the o-rings. Always be sure to tighten, but don’t strangle.

3. Strange Noises

When your vape pen starts to emit odd noises, the first thing you should do is turn it off and stop using it. The second thing you should do is check the tank for signs of flooding. Gurgling sounds often mean that the tank is too full.

Potential Solutions

Several things can cause the tank to flood. Inhaling too hard, shaking your pen like a Polaroid, and plain old overfilling are the most likely culprits.

4. Tastes Burnt

You’re about to blow out a tasty cloud when you realize that it tastes like burnt oils. It is an unpleasant experience, but an avoidable one. The big question here is: When was the last time you checked your vape coils?

Potential Solutions

In some cases, a burnt taste might be caused by impatience. If you’re not allowing your e-liquid to permeate the wick, you might be doing yourself a foul-tasting disservice. Try waiting two minutes after refilling before taking a drag.

However, the heating coil in your device may be close to burning out, causing your hits to taste like the worst batch of popcorn ever made. Replacing these coils is inexpensive and easy to do.

5. Making My Throat Dry

Is your vape pen causing your mouth and throat to feel dry, tacky, and sore? You may need to switch to a different type of e-cigarette liquid. Vape liquids that contain propylene glycol are known to cause throat irritation and dryness.

That’s because propylene glycol (PG) is very similar to alcohol, another substance known to cause prolonged mouth dryness when consumed consistently or in great quantities.

Though it may sound a little gross, our mouths and throats are constantly coated in saliva and helpful mucus. When this natural protective layer of liquid begins to vanish, our tissues can become more prone to infection or injury.

You may start coughing while vaping. And it can be so difficult to talk, sing, or laugh when you have a dry throat. Your body needs those natural fluids and mucus layers to stay healthy and safe.

Potential Solutions

A vegetable-based vape juice might be a safer and better alternative. Vegetable glycerin (VG) e-juices tend to be made from sweet-tasting sources like coconuts.

While it does contain a form of sugar alcohol, a substance your body cannot digest, it may not irritate the lining of the throat and mouth as much as more PG options. Still, both types of liquids have their advantages and potential drawbacks.

Enjoy the Smoothest Vape Experience

What’s wrong with my vape? The answer could be one of several things. In some cases, you may even be dealing with multiple issues. Some of the most common causes behind vape issues are dead batteries, leaky o-rings, and burned coils.

Hopefully, this guide helped you diagnose the cause of your vape pen problems. If you’re still feeling puzzled, it may be helpful to visit a vape store for assistance. Using a vape pen incorrectly could cause injury, so always use caution.

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  1. I would take it back if it’s not working. It sounds like there isn’t a charge going on.

  2. I just bought a Cookie electronic pen yesterday and brought it home and put it on the charger for a few hours and then I am trying to tap the button on it and it doesn’t even light up. So therefore I put it back on charge for about 5 hours and tried to push the button and it still doesn’t light up . The turn dial on the bottom of it I tried turning it to see if it would come on but it still doesn’t work . SO therefore I would like to know what I can do to get the electronic cigarette to come on so I can get it to work . I would sure appreciate it if you would give me some ideas and how to check the battery in the Cookie electronic cigarette so I can get it to get the power on it and use it please .

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