What measures do you take to cope with your pain? It can be due to a health condition, injury, or a medical procedure or treatment. Whichever the cause, it has the same effects on your life. Pain ultimately affects your life quality and daily activities. It is not only a stressful feeling but also a critical factor that deteriorates your life. Proper medical attention is appropriate to identify the cause of your pain and receive effective treatments. Pain & Anesthesia Care is a health practice that specializes in providing extensive pain management services. The New Brunswick physical therapy specialist uses various innovative techniques to relieve pain and restore your health. If pain makes your life unbearable, visit the practice today to receive the care you deserve.

Garen Gajian, MD, pain management specialist and the Pain & Anesthesia Care team are committed to providing safe and helpful noninvasive pain management treatments to patients in New Brunswick, Middlesex County, New Jersey. Visit the practice today for quality pain-relieving treatments.

Who is a physical therapy specialist?

Physical therapy is a form of treatment to restore movement or physical function and relieve pain using physical methods such as exercise, massage, and heat treatment. A physical therapy specialist is a medical physician who uses physical techniques to help patients with injuries and chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, back pain, restoring their body function, improving mobility, and general life quality.

Physical therapy’s primary goal is to relieve pain, improve mobility function, and enhance the body’s natural healing ability without using medications or surgical treatments.

About Dr. Gajian, a physical therapy specialist

Garen Gajian, MD is a board-certified pain management specialist specializing in providing extensive physical therapy and pain management services at Pain & Anesthesia Care in New York. He is highly experienced and strives to offer the best care to relieve pain and promote your health.

Dr. Gajian pursued his Doctor of Medicine from Kyiv Medical School in Ukraine before completing initial training in general surgery at the New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens. Later he finished primary anesthesiology at St. Vincent Medical Center in New York City and finalized a pain management fellowship at the University of Cleveland, where he trained under one of the best pain management experts, Dr. Mark Bosewell.

What does a physical therapy treatment involve?

At Pain & Anesthesia Care, Dr. Gajian creates a personalized treatment plan depending on your medical history, physical health, and desired goals. Physical therapy usually promotes strength, mobility, and fitness.

Based on your needs, Dr. Gajian may also offer pain management services such as epidural injections, PRP therapy, facet injections, crutches, and splints to assist your movement and function.

Does physical therapy provide immediate results?

Physical therapy usually provides effective and permanent results. However, they do not come easily; it requires consistency of treatments, following all instructions given, and attending all your appointments.

Dr. Gajian uses conservative and innovative techniques to provide useful and long-lasting solutions to chronic pain conditions, injuries, accident complications, among others. He uses physical therapy techniques to help restore and improve your mobility and other body functions. He looks forward to welcoming you to his office. Visit them today for pain-relieving services with a difference.