What To Think About Before You Rent Out Your House

What To Think About Before You Rent Out Your House

There are many great reasons to rent out a property, but it’s not the kind of decision you should make on a whim or without doing the right research – it’s not as easy to be a landlord as you might think, and unless you consider all the various pros and cons, you might find yourself in a difficult – expensive – position rather than the lucrative one you wanted. With that in mind, here are some of the things you’ll need to think about before you rent out your house.

Get The Property Ready

The first thing you’ll need to do when you want to rent out a property is to ensure it’s in a fit state for people to live in. If you don’t get the property ready, no one’s going to want to pay to live there, and that means you’ll lose money – too many months of an empty rental property and you could be in trouble! 

To start with, make any important fixes like the electrics and plumbing (ideally using professionals to put things right). Then you can declutter and clean to ensure that anyone moving in can think of the place as their own home – it’ll make them want to stay longer and they might even be willing to pay a little more. Think about the security of the property and redecorate to make it feel fresh and new and you’ll find it much easier to attract and keep good tenants. 

Think Of The Finances 

Although you can make a decent amount of money when you rent out a property, you do need to be careful when it comes to finances and work everything out in advance – winging it could land you in a lot of financial difficulties that will be hard to climb of out again, at least in the short term. 

You’ll need to pay for the mortgage, for one thing (usually the biggest expense), plus you’ll have to pay for maintenance and repairs. Then there’s insurance to consider, and, of course, you’ll need a contingency fund for when your property is empty, which it will be at some point. As you can see, making sure you’ve got enough money for every eventuality before you begin renting out the property is crucial. 

Find The Right Tenants 

One thing that’s really important if you want to be a successful landlord is to find the right tenants – you’ll need good tenants who pay on time every month and who take care of the property, but who aren’t afraid to ask you to do things if need be (that’s far better than leaving problems to get worse or trying to tackle them themselves without any skills to do so – remember, the property is your asset and it’s important to look after it). 

You’ll need to conduct a thorough background check to make sure people are who they say they are and they’ve not had rental issues in the past, and you might also need to consider the tenant’s lifestyle to make sure they’re going to be good choices. You never know, if you pick really well you might one day need quitclaim forms because they want to buy the property from you, which could be the ideal end result. 

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