4 Ways To Wear Your Cat Eye Sunglasses 2023

4 Ways To Wear Your Cat Eye Sunglasses

Summer is coming and I’ve been busy looking for ways to protect my eyes from the sun. I’m going to be spending a lot of time outdoors at my new home working on a sustainable garden and my eyes and skin care will be my focus daily before I head out. Not only do sunglasses protect our eyes, but they also make a fashion statement as well. 

My pick for 2023?  Cat eye sunglasses.

Cat eye sunglasses are an essential statement accessory for every fashionista’s wardrobe. They’re versatile in that they suit every face shape and you can switch up styles to match any occasion. You may know these distinct sunnies as rounded at the bottom and pointed at the corner edges. This is to make them mimic the captivating eyes of a feline.

One of the best features of cat eye sunglasses is their variety is shapes and designs. For instance, you can choose classic dark-tinted sunglasses with thick black frames or retro-inspired thin white frames. Whichever styles you decide to nab for yourself, you can be sure they’ll make your entire outfit and hairstyle look chic. 

Here are 4 ways you can wear cat eye sunglasses.

1. Wear Them With A Sun Hat 

To create a relaxed holiday summer look with minimal accessorizing, you can wear your sunglasses with a sun hat. The wide-brimmed sunhat can complement your sunnies in helping protect your face from full exposure to the sun. 

Classic straw sun hats in colors ranging from white to tan look sophisticated when paired with designer cat-eye sunglasses. It’s also a look that can be worn as beachwear or outdoors when on vacation. What’s more, you can place and secure your cat eye sunglasses at the band of the hat for safekeeping. This is the area where a ribbon is usually tied around the crown of the hat. You can place your sunglasses there when you’re inactive and lounging around.

2. Wear Them With Long Bangs

If you want to use your cat eye sunglasses as a statement piece, you’ll want to wear them with bangs. Long bangs hanging over your face and down your shoulders can create a mysterious flair to your look. They take up most of your face and become your main accessory. This can be used to form part of a boho fashion look. 

Additionally, when your bangs are long and straight, they emphasize the pointed corner shapes of your sunglasses. This style choice is one of the most popular ways to wear cat eye sunglasses and will most likely never go out of fashion. If your hair is too short for fringing into bangs, you can also sweep your side-parted hair to each side, around the frames. 

3. Pair Them With Slicked Back Hair And Bold Lips

This look is how you can use your cat eye sunglasses to channel retro glamor. Think of old Hollywood and women of the 1940s who wore their sunglasses with scarves over their heads. To keep the trend modern, you can simply style your hair in a tight updo that pulls your eyebrows and cheekbones up. Doing this will allow the cat eye shape to accentuate your facial features. 

Your updo can be a top knot or a high ponytail as long as the style keeps your hair slicked back and out of your face. Then from here, you can add a bold lipstick color to match your frames. A fire engine red lipstick looks elegant with white-hued and thin-framed glasses. Dark thick frames can bring a more serious and professional tone to your look when worn with deep shades such as burgundy and dark berry. 

4. Attach Eyewear Chains To Them  

The old-fashioned eyewear chains are a ‘90s-inspired comeback trend that shows no signs of stopping. Not only is this a way to bring a jewelry element to your sunglasses but it’s also functional. The chains keep your sunglasses around your neck on days when you don’t need to wear them full-time. This is ideal if you have a knack for losing your sunnies when you take them off absentmindedly. 

Now when it comes to the chains themselves, you have plenty to choose from. The most common finds today are white beaded lanyard styles. Some have colorful accents paced between each bead just to add embellishment. You can also opt for getting the traditional single-color rope eyewear chain too. These can be found in understated colors such as black and navy blue or even gold to make it look like a necklace.


There are many ways to wear and style cat eye sunglasses. You can integrate them into your entire outfit or use them as a playful accessory for your face. Moreover, these types of sunglasses can also be worn according to your occasion. 

Casual styles such as light-colored thinner frames can be worn with hats and loose hair. For a more serious and more formal event, you can opt for dark thick frames and pulled-back hair. To find the best pair to work for you, explore the unique designs available and compare them with your existing fashion style for a perfect match.

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