When to Choose Aluminum Window Screens?

When to Choose Aluminum Window Screens?

These days there are many materials and many window screen choices to pick from as a new homeowner, or as a renovator and do-it-yourselfer. For window screens, there are a large variety of materials available such as fiberglass, privacy glass, copper, and aluminum window screens. Many new homeowners and renovators of all levels tend to default on fiberglass, and while fiberglass is a perfectly reasonable choice, depending on what you will want out of your screens—aluminum mesh might be the better choice. 

How does a homeowner know when to choose aluminum window screens and how do they know if it is right for their home? 

When to Choose Aluminum Window Screens?

Consider the Future

If you’re building a new home for yourself and your family or your family-to-be, consider whether or not you’ve pictured pets and children into that future. If you’re a retiree or simply have no plans for either, or renovating to someday sell, aluminum window screens might be the right choice. While aluminum is extremely durable as well as long-lasting, children and pets in their enthusiasm may accidentally dent aluminum window screens. If you are replacing screens in an area that you know won’t be heavily trafficked, then you probably do not need to worry about denting. 

Complement the Home

The curb appeal of your home is no doubt something that is personal and very important to you. When choosing your aluminum window screens there are a variety of color options, from the mesh of the screen to the window frame itself that allows you to complement the outside décor of your beautiful home. In some cases, color choice and combination can add value to your house as well as create an elevated curb appeal that will last a very long time. 

Aluminum Window Screens Protect

One of the most crucial differences between fiberglass and aluminum window screens and the one that makes aluminum outshine fiberglass is how rugged they are compared to fiberglass. It is much more difficult for a squirrel to chew through an aluminum window screen for example, than the threads of a fiberglass mesh window screen. 

Coastal Home Benefit

Using aluminum window screens in a coastal home is your best bet for choice screen material due to aluminum’s unsurpassed durability it provides in a coastal climate. A major characteristic of aluminum is that it is extremely corrosion-resistant. This natural rust resistance makes aluminum window screens as well as frames a better choice over traditional wood or fiberglass as they can outlast the extremes in weather, dampness, and salt that causes corrosion in the first place. Other materials such as stainless steel or iron may sound as if they would be an even stronger choice than aluminum, but over time, these metals begin to erode at a much faster rate.

There are also the benefits of simply having a well-made, sturdy aluminum window screen such as: 

  • Fresh air free of insects 
  • Denser screening, giving your home a barrier between the sun and its heat, lessening the cost of cooling and fighting damages to furniture, paint, and carpets. 
  • Unlike fiberglass, aluminum window screens will never sag over time. 

If you are looking for window screens that are undeniably tough, long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, durable against debris, small animals as well as nearly any weather that can be thrown at them, then aluminum is the perfect material to choose. As hardy as this material is, it is incredibly lightweight. That makes replacement and upgrading easy to do yourself as these window screens will be a breeze to handle, even if you decide to use a heavier grade of the aluminum screen to protect your home from insects and coastal weather.

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