The Hottest Home Renovation Trends Sweeping The Nation Revealed


Home renovations have taken a hold of the nation. At the start of the year, the Joint Center on Housing Studies at Harvard University predicted that home renovation spending would jump by 7.5% compared to 2017. And, it’s America’s older homeowners which are leading the trend, as 50% of the homes standing today were built in the 1980s. As a result, wear and tear and new styles mean an increasing number of aging homeowners are opting to overhaul their properties and they’re creating brand new trends in the process. So, if you’re looking to transform your living room, or redesign your kitchen, here are the hottest renovation trends of 2018 to assist you.

The Hottest Home Renovation Trends Sweeping The Nation Revealed

Custom designed homes

In August, Indy Rama showcased six custom-built properties, one of which was torn down and rebuilt from scratch. These homes revealed examples of the unique design features, such as accent walls and wrap-around porches, that the nation are requesting from their custom designed properties. One of the greatest benefits of designing your own home is value for money. House prices across the states vary significantly, meaning some areas get more for their money than others. In Indianapolis, the median value of a home is $130,700. In comparison, Zillow reports that homes in the Orange County have a median value of $719,500. Therefore, those seeking custom homes in Orange County that are affordable have the luxury of being able to design a distinctive and personalized creation which provides greater worth than an off-the-shelf build.

Energy efficiency

The U.S Department of Energy reports that the average home utility bill in the country is a costly $2,060. Therefore, it’s no surprise that when renovating their homes, homeowners are taking steps to make them as energy efficient as possible. Detroit Free Press advises that the nation are increasingly choosing building materials, windows and light fixtures which promise to cut their energy bills. Therefore, exposed brick work, exposed beams and skylights are on the way out. In their place are insulated walls and ceilings and traditional windows.

Doorless showers

Every homeowner has had to battle with cleaning water stains off the shower door at one time or another. But homeowners are fighting back by ditching shower doors altogether and are choosing to go doorless instead. Not only are such showers more convenient, but they keep a seamless flow of the room and can be custom designed to fit any space. Doorless showers are a great alternative to the traditional bathtub and as The Daily Herald reports that 90% of individuals would choose a shower over a bath, there’s no reason not to ditch the tub altogether.

An increasing number of homeowners across America are choosing to renovate their homes in order to make them more aesthetically pleasing and to bring them up to date. To achieve the best results, consider a one-off custom designed house. And to stay right on trend, choose energy efficient options and a stylish bathroom creation.

The Hottest Home Renovation Trends Sweeping The Nation Revealed

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16 thoughts on “The Hottest Home Renovation Trends Sweeping The Nation Revealed

  1. We are going through a small renovation project now. I can use many of these tips so thank you for sharing them. I live the one about having a door-less shower the best.

  2. These are interesting changes to make. I might go with the renovation this year and decide if I will like the doorless shower.

  3. My house definitely needs renovation. It has been put off but hopefully, we will be able to get done the renovation soon.

  4. Energy efficient is something that we have definitely been trying to do lately. This looks so great!

  5. We are looking to remodel our bathroom and definitely interested in the energy efficient trend. It just makes sense!

  6. We are going to remodel our bathroom soon. I think we should have a doorless shower. It would be more energy efficient and I hate cleaning those shower doors.

  7. I can see why energy efficient is a popular trend, everyone is so keen on becoming more efficient if they can. I also understand the appeal of custom designed homes – I’d like to design my own if I could. A doorless shower does sound interesting – I’m not too sure if I would want one though.

  8. sounds like some great new ways to make our bathrooms more enjoyable and sensible for our needs thanks for sharing

  9. Oh my gosh, yes! I hate the water stains on our shower door, and it has become warped. I think we need a renovation to make our shower doorless.

  10. I like the idea of doorless showers. I totally agree that 90% of the time we are using shower instead of bathtub. My bathtub was sitting there and we hardly use it as we are just too lazy to wait for the water.

  11. We are going to build a customs home when we retire from the military. I can’t wait to incorporate a few of these new trends into our forever home.

  12. We’ve been renovating our house for almost two years. I will be so glad when we are finished. We are putting in a walk in shower as well, but that’s last.

  13. A walk in shower is so appealing to me right now. I have a son with disabilities and only one bathroom with a tub. It’s getting harder and harder to bathe him as he gets heavier

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