Why It Makes Sense To Buy Diamonds From A Wholesaler

Why It Makes Sense To Buy Diamonds From A Wholesaler

Tech development has never stopped; as it evolves in line with its never-ending pursuit to making lives easier and better, it also continues to change the way people do certain things. Among the areas that technology has affected is the world of diamond jewellery. 

Why It Makes Sense To Buy Diamonds From A Wholesaler

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The advancement of technology has paved the way to the revival of custom diamond jewellery. As it is now easier to create bespoke pieces out of scratch, at a price that could even be in the same amount with ready-made pieces being sold in stores, it’s not only diamond connoisseurs who are enticed with having a diamond jewellery piece handcrafted for them by an expert jeweller. Gentlemen who want a one-off piece for their beloved are learning that you can acquire diamonds at a more affordable price from a custom jeweller than from jewellery stores. 

Skip The Retailer

Diamonds are valuable assets, so acquiring them would make business sense, especially if you get them from a wholesale source such as the diamond wholesalers Sydney jewellery stores themselves go to.  By directly heading over to the custom jeweller, you get to acquire the diamonds in loose form for a cheaper price and have them cut to your liking. 

Custom jewellers, unlike the traditional jewellery store, don’t have very plush retail premises they have to pay for. Thus, custom jewellers don’t have to charge as much as these jewellery stores do. So before you go ahead and purchase a finished piece from one of those posh retail outlets, find a reputable custom jeweller first. 

Buying From Custom Jewellers

As stated above, having jewellery commissioned costs almost as the same as buying an existing item from stores, and as people become aware of this, the interest and demand for bespoke jewellery pieces continue to rise. This is evident on the increasing number of skilled custom jewellers around the world. 

If you’re planning on creating a unique and personalised diamond engagement ring that will impress the love of your life, you may want to first check out the loose diamonds the custom jeweller has, offered at wholesale prices.  

Your Own Authentic Diamonds

Going to a reputable custom jeweller assures you that you’ll only be presented with authentic diamonds. Each stone comes with a valid GIA certificate that indicates the stone’s properties. While private individuals can deceive buyers about diamonds, the custom jeweller will only offer you genuine ones at wholesale prices. 

Deciding On The Diamond Cut

Acquiring precious stones such as diamonds in loose form means you get to choose the cut, and even be guided by a custom jeweller to ensure you make the best choice for the design you’re going for. The custom jeweller will also advise you on the best gem and the precious metal, among other things, to use for your desired jewellery design. If what you have in mind is a band made of entwined gold and platinum and a lone pink diamond at the centre, the custom jeweller can make it happen for you. Rest assured that with the help of this expert, you get to create the most stunning jewellery piece you’ve ever seen. 

Jewellery Pieces No One Else Has

Who doesn’t want to have a jewellery piece that no one else has in the world? For so many years, the custom jeweller has always been approached for unique pieces. People who value uniqueness would want to create a piece that represents something meaningful to them, and this is where only a custom jeweller can help you, if you are among those people.

A custom jeweller would listen to your ideas and help make them a reality within the budget you have set. A few designs would be sketched; for most custom jewellers in Australia, they make use of computer 3D imaging. If you live in the country, there’s a Parramatta diamond jewellery store you can check out or, if you live elsewhere, quick search on Google should lead you to reputable jewellery stores near you. 

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Bespoke creations are on the rise and are not showing signs of slowing down, as more and more people want to take part in deciding the design for their diamond jewellery. With the help of a custom jeweller, they get to have pieces created for them that showcase their personality and with wholesale stone prices, they get to save a lot for engagement rings or wedding bands they’d be proud to wear for the rest of their lives. 

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