Andouille vs Chorizo: What’s the Difference?

Andouille vs Chorizo: What's the Difference?

Both are pork sausages perfect for meals at any time of the day, however, there are more differences than similarities between Andouille and chorizo. Both are excellent options for a variety of dishes, from breakfast to dinner, and go great on pizzas.

There are differences in the preparation process, in the types of dishes they are added to, the spices used, and the flavors that each has. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Andouille vs chorizo, so that you can confidently work with both the next time you’re in the kitchen.


Andouille is a smoked pork sausage that originated in France, particularly Brittany in the west of the country. French immigrants brought it to Louisiana and, here, it merged with local traditions. Thus, we came to have Louisiana Creole and Cajun cuisines with French influence.

Andouille is made from pork sausage with garlic, pepper, onions, seasonings, and wine. In truth, andouille today combines a variety of different cultures, including Caribbean, Spanish, and African. It is a great way to add heat and smoke flavor to dishes.

One great example of a recipe using Andouille sausage is a sausage stew with butternut squash. A great winter warmer, the Andouille combines with butternut squash and beans to banish the cold.


Chorizo is a great, versatile pork sausage that can be either smoked, cured, or fermented. It can also be eaten without cooking and can be eaten alone or added to dishes in order to add flavor.

There are a number of variations of chorizo, including Spanish and Portuguese. These are typically distinctive in color, a deep red, due to it having dried smoked red peppers. Mexican chorizo uses native chili peppers for a distinct flavor.

Chorizo can be flavored with a variety of species and chilies. If not eaten alone, it is a great addition to tacos, burritos, stews, soups, and eggs.


Due to the preparation process, and the fact that Andouille often made with potato or rice filler, both of these sausages have a different texture. In terms of hotness, both chorizo and andouille are known for their strong flavors. However, chorizo has a spicier flavor than Andouille, which is somewhat milder.

For some great Mexican-inspired recipes, check out this Recipe Workbook and master your craft in the kitchen with great ingredients.

Andouille vs Chorizo: Everyone Is a Winner

Though these types of pork sausage have their difference, everyone can agree that they are excellent additions to a wide variety of dishes. Both add distinct flavors that are popular all over the world.

When it comes to Andouille vs chorizo, we believe that both are winners in any kitchen. Most importantly, both work great on pizzas!

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