Why Seeking A Higher Power Might Help You Quit Your Addictions

Why Seeking A Higher Power Might Help You Quit Your Addictions

Living with addictions isn’t fun. You know that what you’re doing is harming you – whatever is it – but at the same time, you don’t seem to be able to help yourself. At some level, you have the idea that without your hit, you can’t feel normal. 

There are many approaches to dealing with addiction, but one of them might be spiritual. Some people find that when they orchestrate their life around a higher power – something beyond themselves – they’re able to better manage their recovery. 

There are many objections to spirituality. People fear, for instance, that they’ll have to accept things that they don’t believe. Or they imagine that all spirituality is about controlling people. Or perhaps they have a scientific view of the world that precludes anything beyond chemicals bashing against each other in the void. 

This post is about a more basic form of spirituality. We’re not going to impose any human structures on the matter. Instead, spirituality is just about appreciating the mystery of existence. In many ways, it is incredible that we are even here. It’s that realisation that’s really at the core of sentiments, such as “higher power.” What is giving motion to all these happenings around us? 

Taking Spirituality Further To Heal Addiction

There are many potential reasons for why spirituality is so effective at dealing with addictions. Perhaps, most importantly, it helps bring you to a new state of consciousness. You start associating less with your ego, and fewer negative conversations run through your head. Instead, you begin to appreciate a greater sense of wholeness, both in yourself and the world around you. All of a sudden, the situations and thoughts that pushed you into addiction in the first place cease being of prime importance. You find that you’re able to let them go and still enjoy the process of life. 

Why Seeking A Higher Power Might Help You Quit Your Addictions

Spirituality also helps you deal with many of the negative emotions that might be harming your life. Energy healing can assist with guilt, shame, anger and humiliation. Once you go through the process, you realise that many of these emotions are working against you. They’re not helping you to become the person you know that you can be. 

There’s also the realisation that you can live a happier life through the spiritual process. So many of us are caught up in a web of our own thoughts that we find it difficult to believe that being happy is something that is under our control. Spirituality reminds you that it is. 

When it comes to spirituality, you want to go to the deepest places first: something that Eckhart Tolle talks about in his various discussions. He’s not pushing any particular philosophy. Instead, he’s trying to reconnect people with the spirituality that humanity once had, before ideas and society got in the way. It’s that connection that will help most in dealing with addiction. You want to go to the source of your being and experience it for what it is, without overlaying it with thoughts that get in your way. 

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