If you have ever watched your pregnancy stick go from white to positive and felt that thrill of excitement go through you before the shock of terror hits you, congratulations; You’re having a baby. Not every woman is happy about the pregnancy, and that’s why we have options, but while pregnancy is such an exciting time in a person’s life it can be really overshadowed by all of the symptoms and the pain that comes with it. 

We’re not talking about the pain of labor of course, but we’re talking about sciatica and exhaustion, heartburn, and more. If you’re expecting and you’ve had a tough and emotional day about having a baby, here are some reasons to remember why you should love your pregnancy as much as you can while pregnant.

  • You get to surprise your friends and family. One of the biggest thrills for people who are pregnant is that they get to plan how to surprise their partner and their family with the news. Announcing this is exciting, and it’s also fun to surprise them again if you decide to find out whether you are having a baby girl or a baby boy. Even if you choose to wait, surprising them after the baby is born is a huge treat, so focusing on this one the last half of the day is an excellent way to begin.
  • There is support out there. Even on the lowest of days, there is plenty of support out there for pregnant people who don’t want to go through this or feel alone. Websites such as https://embracegrace.com/ are all packed with information about how you can find support. It’s a whole new time of your life and there is no real reason why you should have to go through any of it by yourself. There are always people out there who are willing to offer advice, babysitting, or just simply to give you a rest when you really need some sleep. Go and find out that support and build your village while you are pregnant.
  • You get to hear the heartbeat. On those low days when you don’t feel like you’ve done anything but puke into the toilet and nap, it can feel really difficult to be excited by pregnancy with all those days stretching ahead of you. The thing is, on one of those days you are going to get to hear the heartbeat of your baby. There is simply nothing like hearing the heartbeat that you have built from scratch.
  • Your baby is going to kick. Until you have felt those first initial flutters that feel like fizzy bubbles, and you felt that baby roll over and prod you in the side from the inside, you can’t really appreciate what baby movements feel like. Many women really do miss the feeling of their child moving inside them, and knowing that they are safe and are growing and being kept nourished. This moment is going to bring you to tears, so make sure you carry those tissues with you!