3 Reasons People Struggle With Regular Home Cleaning

3 Reasons People Struggle With Regular Home Cleaning

Every household has its cleaning schedule and standards. However, cleaning regularly is a struggle in some places, and several reasons account for that. Homeowners admit that avoiding regular cleaning is not always an intentional decision. Sometimes, they are genuinely busy. According to statistics, 23% of households make some effort at cleaning but can do better. What challenges do you face with your cleaning schedule? Is there something causing the inability to stick to a home cleaning routine? Below may be some of them. 

1. Busy and uncompromising schedules

3 Reasons People Struggle With Regular Home Cleaning

According to data, three in five US households are extremely busy with work outside the home. Therefore, keeping up with a busy schedule is a real struggle. The report indicated that although people work the usual nine-to-five, many more in demanding roles go beyond those traditional hours. By the time they get home, the last thing on their minds is to put the home in order. It is also why many busy US homes prefer dining out. Most people would rather want to catch their breath at the weekend, which may seem like the ideal time to take care of the cleaning.  For this reason, house cleaning services like UrbanMop are becoming more and more popular over time, as people struggle to balance their busy and uncompromising schedules with having a home that is consistently tidy and neat. Housekeeping can be time-consuming and tedious, but having a professional come in can make all the difference. Professional house cleaners will have the right products, the right techniques, and most importantly, the right amount of time to get everything cleaned up.

Therefore, a weekend cleaning schedule will likely not be on the to-do list. A professional cleaning company will be your most reliable option in situations like that. Check out services such as https://highlandparkhousekeeping.com/ for details on how companies like theirs can help keep your home constantly clean. Another option is to make it a point to always clean after yourself and encourage other house occupants to do the same. This approach can help limit the volume of work to do when it’s time to clean the house.

2. Lack of interest

Studies have shown that some people show utter disinterest in cleaning their homes. They will avoid it at all costs, no matter how untidy the house looks. The sheer size of a big home can be demotivating. If it’s a smaller home and there is a persistent lack of interest in keeping it tidy, it just might be the case of a ‘couch potato.’ Unfortunately, there are people who may fit into that description. Indeed, everybody has peculiar lazy habits. 

Did you know that sometimes, a lack of interest is due to absent energy? Scientific research on human behavioral therapy established a connection between interest and energy. When there are low levels of energy, it negatively impacts interest. Therefore, it is advisable to find out if your lack of interest in cleaning is because of low energy levels. If you need vigor, it may help to adjust your nutrition and introduce more energizing foods into your diet.

3. Overwhelmed with clutter

3 Reasons People Struggle With Regular Home Cleaning

If lack of energy and interest is not the problem, it’s time to look around the home. How much clutter do you see? The truth is that clutter can cause overwhelming feelings that prevent you from cleaning the home regularly. Your home’s décor can also create clutter, especially when there is no layering or design in their placements. Additionally, owning too many things in the home prevents effective cleaning.

Fortunately, you can avoid this by decluttering and having an effective storage system in your home. Anything that does not serve an immediate purpose can be stored away to create space in the home. And you can start with a small area and expand as you go. You don’t have to finish it all in one day. Hopefully, that will motivate you to adopt a regular home cleaning schedule.

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