10 Cutest Cat Breeds to Consider for Your Forever Friend

10 Cutest Cat Breeds to Consider for Your Forever Friend

Do you see yourself as an avowed cat person? Or do you consider yourself more of a dyed-in-the-wool dog lover?

You might be somewhere in between – loving the distinct and unique qualities of both cats and dogs.

Whatever the case, we’ll take a look at ten of the cutest cat breeds out there today. And we suspect you’ll be hard-pressed to not fall in love with at least one of them.

1. Burmese

You’ve likely heard the phrase, curiosity killed the cat. Well, it may have been about this cat. The Burmese is a very inquisitive, yet affectionate breed. They love to perch in a window and watch everything going on in the world.

That doesn’t mean they’ll only camp out there though. Expect to see your Burmese taking in the sites in your kitchen cupboards and cabinets or dresser drawers. And don’t be surprised if he or she jumps up on your shoulder to see what you’re looking at on the internet or on TV.

2. Maine Coon

The Maine Coon gives new definition to the description”big and fluffy.” The largest Maine Coon on record grew to be over four feet long. Don’t worry though. The average Maine Coon is typically around 12 to 15 pounds once fully grown.

This cute cat requires plenty of puzzle toys, as it’s an intelligent breed that’s always up for a challenge.

Although the Maine Coon is an affectionate cat, it also maintains an independent streak so don’t take it personally if he or she needs some quiet alone time.

3. Miniature

Miniature cats come from breeding lines where the size trait is heavily manipulated or controlled by selective breeding. In other words, these adorable pint-sized cats are the result of genetic modification.

And while it’s impossible to deny their cuteness, if you’re considering getting a miniature or a munchkin, be highly choosy about the breeder. And you should completely steer clear of those claiming to breed a teacup cats.

A teacup cat is often small because it has health problems and you could be heading for heartbreak.

4. Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is a unique and quirky cat. Not only can it sit up on its back legs, but it has folded ears that give it a distinctly cute appearance. It also happens to be one of the most affectionate of the cat breeds.

In fact, the Scottish Fold is known for building strong bonds with their human families. Some of them seem to believe they’re human – as they are forever ready to participate in any activity involving the family.

Like most cats, they thrive on routine and get thrown off their square if the routine is broken.

5. Ragdoll

If a cat with blue eyes is at the top of your list of cute cat requirements, then the Ragdoll must be right there at the top.

This breed has piercing blue eyes that, on another breed, may appear menacing. However, the Ragdoll is so sweet, laid-back and affectionate, you’ll find yourself swimming in the blue of their eyes.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they’re fluffy, cuddly, and adorable. The biggest drawback to the Ragdoll? They don’t come cheap. So if you’re fortunate enough to find a Ragdoll rescue, don’t pass it up.

6. Persian

Like the Ragdoll, the Persian is a ball of fluff. Often considered the “drama queens” of the cat world, they earn this moniker with their stately wide-eyed gaze and pouty face. In addition, with their long fur coat, they can be a bit high maintenance like royalty.

All of this may lead you to think that the Persian would be a difficult cat, but quite the contrary is true. Their patience and affectionate demeanor quickly win over their human owners. They’re relaxed and friendly and just really good at sitting in the window and looking pretty.

7. Chartreux

If you think that dogs are the only pets that show devotion, then you’ve never had a Chartreux.

This mild-mannered and even-tempered breed is quick to become fiercely devoted to its human family. They love attention and tend to be social with humans they don’t know as well.

Another big benefit is that the Chartreux is very quiet. If something is wrong, you may hear a quiet chirp. So you can pretty much guarantee you won’t be subject to long yowling fits in the middle of the night. At the most, they may stir you gently out of sleep with their purring.

8. Siamese

In terms of vocal cats, the Siamese is on the opposite end of the spectrum from the Chartreux. So if you’re looking for a talkative cat, you’ll find it in the Siamese.

This breed is extremely people-oriented, social, and playful. They’re most at peace when people are around. They’re also sweet and friendly.

9. Abyssinian

Even those who profess to not like cats have a hard time turning their noses up at the Abyssinian. This is a social breed with a lot of energy. They’re playful, intelligent, and much like a dog, are always by your side.

So whether you’re in the kitchen making dinner, watching your favorite movie, or even working from home, you can count on this breed to be there as your loyal friend. They are a pure joy to have around.

10. Russian Blue

Russian Blues have gorgeous silver coats and slightly upturned mouths that make them appear as though they’re always smiling.

They are a curious but calm breed and are very smart. Although the Russian Blue may come across as a bit shy at first, they are playful and affectionate once they feel comfortable with people.

An easy-going cat, the Russian Blue does well living in families and with other pets. However, they have a tendency to form a very deep connection with just one person. And for the Russian Blue’s human, that bond is very special.

Fall in Love with the Cutest Cat Breeds

Our curated list of the cutest cat breeds is really only a small sampling of this amazing and lovable species.

You’re bound to find plenty of other breeds that make your heart soar. They’re truly amazing creatures.

And for more entertaining and informative articles, keep checking back with our lifestyle blog.

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