New Puppy Here’s What You Need to do to Raise a Happy Dog

New Puppy Here's What You Need to do to Raise a Happy Dog

Puppies are great fun and bringing a new one into your family will no doubt make for many happy memories. However, as with any type of pet ownership, puppies come with a lot of responsibilities attached, so whether your puppy has arrived or you’re waiting for it to be ready, here are some ways you can get ready and raise a happy dog.

New Puppy Here's What You Need to do to Raise a Happy Dog

Book socialization and obedience classes

If you take a dog to obedience classes early in life, it’s likely that the process of training them will be more straightforward. Everyone has heard the saying ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’, and while that’s not strictly true, the longer you wait to teach them commands, the longer it’s likely to take. The reason obedience classes are so important is that it can keep your pet out of danger, ensuring you can recall them near busy roads and when a hazard approaches, as well as generally making your life easier.

Puppy classes are also good for socialization. Dogs need to know how to behave around other dogs, and this is a good chance for them to learn in a fun environment. You may even make friends with fellow dog owners.

Get registered with a vet

When you first get your puppy, you should take it to a veterinarian for a check-up and its first shots. Visit toy spoodle puppies for sale to find your forever fur baby. It’s important for your puppy to be registered to a vet, as they can check for any potential problems, send reminders for vaccination boosters and generally give advice when you need it most. 

Make a schedule for dog care

At three months, a puppy can be left for a maximum of three hours, although it’s not recommended that you make a habit of leaving them alone for too long. Puppies who are left alone are likely to either wreck the house or get distressed, so in the early days, you should make a schedule for dog care. If you work full time, then doggy daycare is a good option, and as they get older, you could use a dog walker, so they get companionship during the day.

Get toilet training

Dogs are similar to kids in that toilet training can be unpredictable and can take anything from a few days to a year. However, it’s important to start toilet training your puppy as soon as they arrive, and not to rely on puppy pads and newspapers. Some puppies will get it after a few days, while others will take a long time and need positive reinforcement, however, it’s worth toilet training properly so that they learn good habits for life.

Raising a happy dog starts from a young age. From looking after their health to ensuring they are social and obedient, the actions you carry out when they are young will help them throughout their life, so make sure you are ready for your new arrival. 

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