The Difference Between Pet Hotels and Kennels

The Difference Between Pet Hotels and Kennels

We all love our pets, but sometimes we need to leave them for a bit. If you’re traveling and don’t have someone who can watch your pet at home, or if you just want the peace of mind that they’ll be safe while you’re away, choosing a pet hotel or kennel is an excellent option. This blog will discuss the differences between the two types of facilities, so it’s easier for you to decide which one is right for your furry friend!

The Differences

The main and probably most obvious difference between pet hotels and kennels is where they’re located. Pet hotels are usually found in urban areas because it’s easier to find employees that can work there all day or close to a city for the same reason. You can find a good cat hotel adelaide. They also tend to be closer together, so more people who are looking for one have more options around them. Kennels, on the other hand, are scattered throughout different cities, towns, or wherever owners live, so not everyone is driving into the same place every time they drop their pet off.

Pet hotels are much more comfortable for your dog or cat than being stuck in a kennel all day long. Most of them have rooms with couches, beds, windows that let in natural light, and toys, so your pet has a place to relax. They have play areas with lots of toys to keep your pets entertained and sometimes even offer trainer visits, so you don’t have to worry about training them during your absence. Kennels tend to be very different from pet hotels since they’re usually large rooms stacked with cages. Sometimes the room is big enough for several dogs to run around in, but it’s still much less comforting than a cozy pet hotel room.

What are the activities?

Pet hotels generally make sure all their employees take care of pets by requiring them to go through a training course before they can work there. This ensures that every employee knows how to clean up accidents or other mishaps that may occur while your dog or cat is staying there. They usually have a veterinarian come in intermittently to check up on all the dogs and cats that are staying there, so your pet will get attention from a doctor if they need it while you’re away. Kennels usually don’t require their employees to take any type of training, so the skills necessary to take care of your dog or cat can vary greatly from employee to employee.

In order for pet hotels and kennels to keep track of each animal, both places usually use ID cards or some other identification that go around the collar of every pet that stays there. Owners get a copy of this card when they drop off their pet and pick it up along with them when they come back for their furry friend. This way, every single animal in each facility is accounted for, and there’s no chance of them getting lost or stolen during their stay.

Although both facilities provide safe havens for your pets while you’re away, they also have a few differences that could sway your decision on which one to choose. Pet hotels are more comfortable for dogs and cats since they get to relax in a room with toys and furniture instead of being cooped up in a kennel all day long. 


Should you put Fido or Fluffy in a pet hotel or at a kennel?

Pet Hotels are built around the concept of offering your dog or cat a sense of home while their away, so having them roam free in an open environment is the best way to do that. Kennels tend to be closer to where owners live, but they often offer less for animals to do during their stay. Before choosing either option, make sure you know what type of care your animal will receive both before and after you drop them off. 

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