10 Little-Known Tips for How to Make Your House Smell Good

10 Little-Known Tips for How to Make Your House Smell Good

Around 5% of the U.S population is anosmic, which means they can’t smell.

The rest of us can smell everything from vanilla incense to sour milk. This means it’s crucial we take care so our homes smell fresh for our families and visitors.

Not sure how to make your house smell good? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our top 10 tips.

1. Combat Moisture

The key to a great smelling home is removing humidity from rooms.

Use a hygrometer to test the humidity level in every room and get a dehumidifier if the level is over 60%. It’s important to note, these machines can use a lot of energy so start with one and see how it goes.

Dot moisture-absorbing crystals around your home, especially in smaller rooms that get damp like bathrooms or closets. You should also be wary of sponges and towels as they can emit a smell when damp.

As a general rule, replace sponges every two weeks and make sure clean towels are completely dry before putting them away.

2. Get Rid of the Main Culprits

Humans can get accustomed to smells which means we may not notice the stench of litter boxes, garbage cans, or pet beds.

Regularly clean the inside of your garbage can, launder pet begs, and deep-clean the litter tray every day. You should also place dryer sheets at the bottom of the garbage can absorb some of the odors.

Or place dryer sheets throughout your home for a pleasant scent. For instance, add dryer sheets to your closets, bathroom cabinets, and in-between couch cushions.

Also, if you have one, be mindful of funky smells emanating from your garbage disposal.

Get orange or lemon rinds and place them in filled ice cube trays. Once frozen, feed them into the sink to clean your disposal blades and embrace the fresh, citrusy smell.

3. Clean the Fridge

If you’re unsure how to make your apartment smell good, head to the fridge.

Chuck out anything expired and consider your condiments as we often forget about them. Aim to take inventory of your fridge once a month to ensure everything is fresh.

Then, scrub the interior of your fridge with a mixture of hot water and white vinegar. If yours has removable shelves and drawers, leave them to soak in hot, soapy water for an hour.

4. Use an Essential Oil Diffuser

One of the best tips for a house that smells good is to keep using an essential oil diffuser.

Fill the diffuser with water, add a few drops of an essential oil, and turn it on. Lavender mixed with vanilla is a great beginner scent and start with a few drops and work your way up to find the best strength.

You should also attach car air fresheners to air vents so boost your home’s aroma.

5. Place Candles Around Your Home

The best smelling homes have candles in every room.

You should also place unlit scented candles in the linen closet so your clothes and bedding can absorb the fragrance. Or try candle warmers so you don’t have to worry about soot or forgetting to blow them out, perfect if you have kids.

6. Clean Your Carpet

Keeping your carpets fresh, especially in high traffic areas, is crucial. For the best results, hire a professional as they have the equipment and expertise to clean your carpet.

Check out this article to find the best expert for you.

Baking soda is a fantastic way of eliminating any funky smells from your carpet. Sprinkle baking soda over your carpet, let it sit for two hours then vacuum so you can enjoy fresh, odor-free air once again.

7. Add Houseplants

Plants aren’t only soothing but they also freshen up your entire home. Place English Ivy, sage, and eucalyptus leaves into a vase and keep them in your bathroom for an effective deodorizer.

Put the plants near an open window so their fragrance can travel throughout your home.

8. Welcome Fresh Air

Want to know how to make a room smell good with zero effort? Open your windows!

Not only does fresh air tackle leftover cooking smells but it makes your entire space feel cleaner. Open windows on multiple sides of your home so you get a cross breeze, improving your home’s scent in a second.

9. Simmer Fruit on Your Stove

A natural way to cut through odors is by creating a stove simmer. Take a small pan and bring water to the boil.

Throw in cinnamon sticks, orange slices, and herbs like lavender or mint. Let them simmer for a minute and the heat will spread the gorgeous scent throughout your home.

10. Spray Smelly Shoes

The pile of shoes by your front door may emit odors.

Check the shoe’s material as it may need specialized cleaning products so refer to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions before washing.

You can also spray dry shampoo inside the shoes and on their soles so they’re less smelly. Or get scent orbs from a sporting store so your kicks stay fresh.

That’s How to Make Your House Smell Good

Now you know how to make your house smell good.

Tackle the main culprits like litter trays or garbage cans, add houseplants for a sweet fragrance, and open your windows to welcome the fresh air.

You should also use an essential oil diffuser so your home smells pristine 24/7. Happy cleaning!

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