For many people the idea of a glass balustrade is horrifying! After all, glass is often perceived as fragile and if it breaks it can cause an alarming number of injuries. Fortunately, this is the glass of yesteryear; today glass is toughened and shatterproof. In the highly unlikely case of […]

It has been said that it’s not a good idea to follow the latest trends when building or remodeling a home. That’s because trends change and your modern home can suddenly appear very dated, potentially wiping thousands of dollars off its value. However, there are some building trends that you […]

Buying a house is an exciting but stressful process. If you are considering purchasing a new home, perhaps still under construction, it can come with some additional stress factors and disadvantages. Although you are inclined to the fresh paint, unscuffed floors, and unused toilets, do your research and determine whether […]

Any damage your home’s foundations can be serious if left alone or ignored. It can end up costing you a lot of money to fix and it a lot of hassle too. Here are some handy tips to help avoid water damage on your home. Image Source Clean Out Gutters […]

Image Source: Unsplash Moving home can be an expensive process but when you do it right and take certain things into consideration, you can end up saving a lot of money. When it comes to moving, the small things add up and can really help you put your cash into […]


There’s nothing worse than living in a bland and inspiring environment. Whether you’re stuck with the decorating rules in a rental property or have just purchased your own sweet digs. We’ve outlined some inexpensive ideas for a quick change that won’t break the bank. Rearrange the Room Undoubtedly the best […]

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