How To Make Your Modest Home Look & Feel Bigger

How To Make Your Modest Home Look & Feel Bigger

Size matters when it comes to home design. Or at the least the perceptions of it do. It is an especially pertinent point when your home is a modest size but the good news is that simple steps can make a huge difference. 

As long as you focus on the right ideas.

Here are some of the most effective ways to give your home a whole new vibe without needing to upsize.

Keep it clean

Perhaps the easiest way to make your property feel bigger is to keep it clean. A thorough decluttering session should instantly make the property look bigger. Where possible, switching to digital products can aid the cause.

Following this, you should build a clear and concise strategy for cleaning each room. From tidying the bedroom in style to preventing kitchen messes, good organizational skills are vital. Aside from promoting a better atmosphere, it’ll alter your mindset. 

Better still, a clean home will protect your family’s health and should be easier to maintain over the months and years to come.

Connect inside and outside spaces

Bringing more light into the home can open up the space with stunning results, especially when you use light color schemes. For the best results, though, you should look to make the internal and external areas become one.

Having a patio area that’s connected to the living spaces with sliding doors can work well. Meanwhile, energy efficient picture windows are an ideal skylight solutions. They allow more light to enter the home while giving you added versatility for managing the atmosphere.

Making the home feel more open to the great outdoors without losing your privacy is vital. It can transform the atmosphere with stunning results.

How To Make Your Modest Home Look & Feel Bigger

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Convert the attic or basement

Completing an extension can be costly and inconvenient, especially when planning permission is required. Converting your attic or basement provides a far less stressful solution that avoids taking up valuable garden space.

At the easy end of the scale, you could simply board out the attic. Other options include transforming your basement and crawl space into a safe living area. Aside from creating a new room, it can save valuable storage space elsewhere.

Alternatively, if you have a garage, this could become a far more functional space. Gyms, offices, and DIY spaces are all popular choices.

Transform the guest room

Before looking at the possibility of adding new living spaces, you should also confirm that existing rooms are used well. Millions of people moan that their homes are too small but then restrict themselves by having a guest room. This is one problem you must end.

It’s nice that you want a place for your family to stay, but losing a room for 360 days for the sake of five is silly. You can always use a space efficient sofa bed and let your family stay in your room. In turn, you’ll reclaim an entire room.

This could be used for anything from storage or an office to a creative studio. Either way, it has to be an improvement on the current situation.

Embrace the garden

If using all available space to its full potential is your main aim, you must not ignore the outside areas. After all, they can bring a whole new dimension to your property. And the more time you can spend outdoors, the less pressure you’ll be under indoors.

Adding a deck has already been discussed. However, even beautifying the area with the right flowers can work wonders. If you have a passion for a sport or want a place for the kids to play, building your backyard around these concepts is key.

BBQs, jacuzzis, and other luxuries can be added too. Ultimately, as long as you focus on items that you’ll actively want to use, you won’t go far wrong. 

How To Make Your Modest Home Look & Feel Bigger

Image: Pixabay CC0 License

Make conscious furniture decisions

Possessing more space naturally puts you in a stronger starting position. Nonetheless, the way that you use it is equally important. Furniture choices are particularly vital. Which is why you should start by losing bulky items for wall-mounted shelves and units. You can always use a space efficient sofa bed or reclining sofa bed and let your family stay in your room. In turn, you’ll reclaim an entire room.

Following this, you may wish to consider additional steps like using retractable furniture. Otherwise, choosing made-to-measure cupboards or high furniture pieces that use the entire space is used can be key. It makes the home feel more luxurious too.

When combined with the other tips mentioned above, there is no question that your home can be made to look and feel bigger than ever. Even when the space is compact.

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