10 Major Reasons Why a Woman Should Start Blogging

10 Major Reasons Why a Woman Should Start Blogging

Gone are those days when women were believed to be housekeepers and baby-producing machines. At present, women can do everything men do: from lawyers, and surgeons to producers, web developers, and many other occupations across different industries. 

As you know, blogging is not an exception. Some ladies like Kathy at reviewsbykathy.com are doing exceptionally well in this scope, you’ve surely met hundreds of great examples of women who succeeded in the blogging industry. In some scopes, you can hardly find even one man doing that better! 

What is more, according to the latest research, women stand at an impressive 50.9% of the blogging population. But what exactly inspired them all to start running their personal blog? We have asked many fascinating bloggers to get that uncovered and are now ready to share the most common reasons that encouraged women to enter the challenging but fascinating industry. So let’s learn why and how to start your blogging journey.

10 Major Reasons Why a Woman Should Start Blogging

Why Should Women Join the Blogging Industry Today?

Just like with any other industry, there are many reasons why women start running their blogs. From being a simple hobby and sharing specific experiences to money-making – blogging is one of the most versatile industries that brings together billions of people. 

So, what are the most crucial factors that encourage women to run their personal blogs?

#1 Being Inspired By Other Women’s Success

The first and most popular reason why women consider entering the blogging industry today is the inspirational personas of famous influencers they’ve met online (or even are following actively). 

Of course, if you start blogging today as a woman, you are not going to be the first female blogging, but will probably become the best one within one of the profitable niches for a blog. The only thing needed to get started is your courage and the idea of what “product” you’re going to present to your potential audience. 

#2 Sharing Unique Knowledge & Fascinating Personal Experience

Today, blogs have already become a super popular digital tool to help you share knowledge on different topics. You may be an expert in the cooking, teaching, or the IT industry, who would like to distribute the popular hacks, methods, and options to become an expert within the target scope. And, whatever aspect you’ve focused on within your content strategy, you’ll surely find thousands of people willing to learn more with your blog. 

So, if you have some yummy recipes, have mastered a foreign language, or can write a website with your eyes closed – don’t hesitate to start blogging immediately! Creative interactive video content is the best way to share your knowledge. The only tool you need is the easy-to-use video editor for PC that would help you add transitions, video effects, and trendy music in order to appeal to a larger audience.

#3 Expressing Your Thoughts & Opinions

Having analyzed the popular influencers or bloggers on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, you can also discover that not all the profiles are sharing specific information, like best recipes or new hacks on boosting English vocabulary. Instead, some bloggers prefer sharing their opinions with large audiences and sharing the content they consider interesting and engaging. 

These people are mostly focused on building a large audience among semi-minders, and you’ll be surprised if you discover that most representatives of this niche are women! Thus, just sharing your perspectives can be among the best topic ideas.

#4 Looking for a Full Time Job

For most women today, blogging might seem a really challenging task that requires huge investments of time and resources. However, most women also know that it’s a popular in-demand digital profession that can help you make big money within the industry. Luckily, there are really thousands of cases where women succeeded in blogging. You can check the best examples of blogs for women and get inspired by them.

So, turning your personal blog into the main job is no more a dream but a reality, which opens up lots of fascinating opportunities to collaborate with famous people and brands, build your community and, of course, earn money!

#5 Searching for the Extra Income Sources

Even if you’re not going to quit your job, blogging is still worth your attention. Having your blog might not immediately turn into the main source of income, but can become a really nice compliment to your salary. In addition, you’ll be able to participate in various events, try brand-new products or services, and get discounts on specific platforms or eCommerce stores!

10 Major Reasons Why a Woman Should Start Blogging

#6 Considering Blogging as a New Hobby

Apart from being one of the great ways to make money, blogging can also be a great chance to get yourself engaged in a completely new hobby. For most of today’s users, blogging lies somewhere in between photography, writing, and other media related to a specific topic. Not only does it allow you to express yourself, but also interact with other people with similar interests, and even get some inspiration for the new content creation. 

Moreover, the blogging industry can spur creative thoughts and ideas, which is exceptionally important for many people with art skills.

#7 Establishing Yourself as an Expert

Another reason why women start their blogs is the desire to establish themselves as experts in a certain specific industry. Nowadays, there are many scopes they can dive into beauty, lifestyle, travel, specific occupation, etc. So, by sharing topic-specific content, you can gradually build an audience with similar interests, who’ll trust your expertise and learn more about a specific industry with your content. 

#8 Connecting With the Like-Minded People

Due to the dynamic rhythm of life, most women today might lack the time or resources for interacting with others. In fact, this problem can be also resolved with running a blog and participating in blogging challenges! It can not only help you to express yourself but also meet like-minded people, discuss the interesting things happening in your life and even make new friends!  

#9 Developing Your Writing Skills

You might be surprised, but running a blog can also become a perfect way to improve your writing skills! That might be exceptionally valuable for the women who’re working within the related industry, like journalists, creative writers, copywriters, and many more. Along with improving your writing, you’ll also get a valuable chance to understand your final consumers – readers! – by learning their interests and preferences, how they interact, and what type of content they really need.

#10 Standing Out of the Crowd

According to the “1 percent rule”, only 1% of all Internet users are actively generating new content, while the other 99 percent of participants are consumers. So, blogging is not only the tool that helps you to express yourself, build authority or make money. Instead, it allows you to differentiate your persona from the others, understand your value and build a large community of like-minders and followers who enjoy the content you make.

Final Words

To conclude, there are no gender considerations in the blogging industry. Nevertheless, this scope is a perfect chance for many women to express their personalities, share unique experiences, become an expert in a specific area, and many more. 

Now you know how to start a blog and how to make money blogging for beginners. Just use our blogging tips and get ready for an exciting journey.

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  1. I’ve thought of doing a blog in the past, but it never went past the thought. This post has given me something to think about and places to look.

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