10 Trendiest Cartilage Earrings Designs You Have Not Seen Before 2021


Looking for some aesthetic and unique earrings designs for your cartilage piercings? Well, do not sweat it! We have compiled a list of the best trendy cartilage earrings you might not have seen before 2021: 

1. Small Hoop Earrings

Smaller diameters are available in hoops designed for cartilage piercings for fitting into the small spaces higher on your ear. They are available in patterns, plain designs, and encrusted in stones. Hoop cartilage earrings are the most suitable for all cartilage piercings except the rook, auricle, outer conch, and orbital. Even if a small hoop earring is capable of fitting the snug or inner conch point, they are upward facing, therefore the hoop is bound to fall back down onto your ear.

2. Captive Bead Cartilage Earrings

Captive bead earrings are a type of hoop earrings with a design focal point in the middle of the hoop. Customarily, this is a bead, nevertheless, contemporary designs elucidate the concentric point, comprising exquisite soldering and metalwork. Captive beads are suitable for the same cartilage piercings just like hoops.

3. Labret Posts or Studs

Labret Posts or studs are similar to those earrings that are put on in the earlobes nonetheless are shorter in general. They also have a flat back for comfort. They are available in various designs right from a ball of plain metal, precious stones, or quirky shapes. Studs or posts are best-suited for all cartilage piercings, other than rook or orbital piercings since these elucidate the rear of the post. 

4. Dagler Cartilage Studs 

The Dangler Cartilage Studs are similar to regular posts or studs but have a small hanging charm at the front. They tend to attain a similar look as the hook earring for ear lobes. Nevertheless, a post fixture makes them secure to the placements of the upper ear. 

5. Wide Cartilage Studs 

If you have a preference for multiple earrings but just have a single piercing, cartilage studs of wider type are a great choice! They feature designs of long crawling type that mimics the multiple piercings look. They are perfectly suitable for the piercings on the outer and upper ear like the outer conch, auricle, as well as helix piercings.

6. Cartilage Shields

The cartilage shields have the look similar to an ear cuff. However, they are more secure than a cuff and are capable of being worn lower along the helix since they are not going to slip off. Cartilage shields are highly suitable for the helix area. 

7. Cartilage Chain

These are two different earrings, either studs or hoops connected with a chain. A cartilage chain can be used to connect any two piercings. Based  on the chain’s length the chains are best workable on outer ear piercings since the chain is likely to fall away from the canal of your ear.

8. Straight, Curved or Circular Barbells

Straight, Curved, or Circular Barbells are studs or posts designed to be shown at both ends. Either there is a stone, ball, or charm on one end and a threaded ball on the other end. Barbells are suitable for most types of ear piercings, depending on the variation chosen by you.

9. Multiple or Constellation Piercings

These are multiple cartilage piercings coming together towards the formation of one cohesive look. They have upwards of four cartilage piercings on a single ear, all with diverse but complementary designs of earrings. Multiple or Constellation earrings are more minimal since the main concentration of the design is the way all the earrings look whilst worn simultaneously. 

10. Crystal Cartilage Earrings

These are in the form of cuffs, hoops, chandeliers, and studs and give an amazing look. You can even go for diamond-covered cartilage earrings or cuffs that give a spellbinding look. You can opt for these diamond enclosed crystal cartilage earrings in white, gold, and rose gold.       

So, these were the trendiest cartilage earring designs of 2021 that you must have in your collection, if you have cartilage piercings. 

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