AUrate New York Dainty Gold Rings

AUrate New York Jewelry Bridal Birthday Anniversary

As you all know, I love to support brands I believe in which is why I’ve decided to crush on AUrate New York and their dainty gold rings this year. I discovered this brand a few years back and because of their honest pricing, I’ve been obsessed with their jewelry ever since.  I plan to share more on this and other favorite companies in the coming year so if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter (and social media sites) for upcoming posts.

The reason I’m mentioning this company is that I recently needed a Birthday gift for a 13-year-old and I don’t know any young ladies in that age range (or any age range) that don’t wholeheartedly love classic, modern, timeless, and even minimalistic jewelry.  Especially gold jewelry. She loves dainty gold rings and bracelets equally but she’s also been known to wear necklaces and anklets.

When I realized I was going to need a gift in a jiff, the first company that came to mind was AUrate New York because I knew that she would love a custom piece designed just for her and I love that they use recycled gold and ship quickly. I had bought her a cute little teen outfit to wear to her party and all I needed to complete the ensemble was the perfect gold accessory to go with it.

And who better to find that perfect accessory than AUrate New York?

IMO they have some of the most unique pieces of jewelry I’ve ever seen.  Take these rings for example…

AUrate New York Jewelry Bridal Birthday Anniversary

Or how about this beautiful ethically sourced Birthstone bracelet…

AUrate New York Jewelry Bridal Birthday Anniversary

Spring and summer are coming up and it’s going to be swimsuit season before you know it.  And let’s not forget all of the cruises we had to hold off on during the pandemic. I love finding cute jewelry to go with all of my summer outfits and even my retro sunglasses. Be sure to check out AUrate New York for your swimming to dinner gold accessory needs.  Everything they sell can be paired to dress down with swimwear or to dress up for a formal cruise dinner.

First off, are you going to take a vacation this year after all of the lockdowns?  And if so, I’d love to know where you’re planning to go.

What are your favorite jewelry pieces to wear to the beach?  Do you like white gold or yellow gold?  Earrings or bracelets?

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