Tips to Step up Your Eye Makeup

Tips to Step up Your Eye Makeup

Your eyes are the window to your soul, as Shakespeare wrote hundreds of years ago. Undoubtedly, they are one of the most prominent facial features. This means they need plenty of attention when applying makeup to maintain their status as a focal point. Indeed, most makeup products are designed for the eyes compared to other parts of your face.

While you may have mastered the basics of applying eye makeup, there is always room for improvement or learning new tips and techniques to create an even more stunning look. Here is what you need to know to take your eye makeup to the next level:

Know your eye shape

There are six primary eye shapes: almond, hooded, round, upturned, downturned, and monolid. Knowing which one you have will make a significant difference as your approach needs to change to enhance your shape. If you did not know what to look for, how would you find the perfect lashes for downturned eyes from Eyelure, Vavalash, or Lilac St.? Lilac St. offers a versatile range of lash extensions to suit all eye shapes and sizes. Hand-arranged fibers make these lashes look natural while still creating a striking look. With the prescribed care, your Lilac St. lashes will last for 3-5 days at a time, with a chance to use them on multiple occasions.

Almond-shaped eyes are the most predominant, with the iris touching the upper and lower eyelid and a visible crease and tapering toward both ends. An extra layer of skin drooping down from the brow bone causes hooded eyes, with eyelids that appear smaller. A person with round eyes can see the top and bottom of their iris without stretching their eyelids. A monolid eye does not feature an eyelid crease. If you draw an imaginary line across the center of your eye and its outer corner is below that line, you have downturned eyes, with the opposite being upturned eyes.

Loads of lashes

Accentuating your eyelashes is a vital component of any makeup routine. You can choose to do this by applying mascara or wearing false eyelashes. Both have pros and cons, and your choice will be one of personal preference. Applying false eyelashes takes a good deal of practice, and users should not expect a resounding success on their first attempt.

Lash extensions tend to be easier to apply than strip lashes, which can go awry without a steady hand. Users will also need to experiment with lash adhesive, as using too much or too little will ruin the effect.

Busy brows

Your eyebrows can make or break your makeup look and should not be ignored. Keep them neat and tidy by plucking stray ones. It would be worth seeing a professional aesthetician about having your brows shaped to suit your eye shape.

While brow shaping and waxing are great ways to accentuate your eyebrows, do not go overboard. It could end with overgrown brows that need constant attention or permanent hair loss.

The concealing conundrum

A layer of foundation will smooth your skin and create an even tone. However, it will not conceal dark circles or bags under your eyes. These make you look tired and older than you are. Treat these areas with firming creams as this skin tends to lose its elasticity before other parts on the face.

Apply concealer and blend it into your foundation to cover the skin under your eyes. Consistency during blending is essential to avoid a patchy look. After concealing the circles, bags, or shadows under your eyes, they will look rejuvenated and wider.


Treat eyeliner application as an artist would view touching a portrait up with a fine brush. It adds the finishing touch to your eye makeup but could just as easily ruin it when not applied correctly.

While most people know they should apply eyeliner to their lower eyelid, few venture into upper eyelid territory. One wrong move could mean you need to clean the eyelid and start again. However, take the time to master a solid line across the top of your upper lash line as it adds depth and definition, enlarging your eyes. Start with a fine line at the inner corner of your eyelid and make it slightly thicker and wider toward the outer one.

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