11 Ways To Be The Perfect Party Host

11 Ways To Be The Perfect Party Host

If you’re planning on hosting a party and you want it to be the talk of your family and friends, you’ve come to the right place. Being an amazing party host isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but with the advice here, you should be able to tackle it. You’ll find 11 ways to be the perfect party host below that will help you to have a better time and make sure your guests are all catered to. Take a look:

1. Give Your Guests Party Favors

If you want to get your guests excited and give them something to remember the party, give them party favors. You could create adult lucky bags containing cute things like tealights and tea, or you could give them flat, roll up shoes to wear at the end of the night if you know they’ll be dancing. Make sure they are thoughtful! 

2. Cater To Every Kind Of Party Goer

Make sure you consider each person that will attend your party and cater to everybody. You may have vegetarian/vegan guests, and you’ll want to show them that you have thought about them. You’ll also need to consider those who don’t drink and cater to them. Allergies are another important aspect to think about, especially if you’re having the party in a small venue or at home. 

3. Don’t Overcomplicate Things

Make sure you don’t overcomplicate things or you will never want to do it again. Do your best to keep the party as simple as possible – you’re not going to win an award and your party is unlikely to be televised. 

4. Don’t Be A Hero

Don’t try to be a hero – make sure you enlist help if you feel you may need it. For example, you may choose to get help with the catering or drinks. You might even want to enlist the help of a party planner if this is a big bash and you want to get it right. 

11 Ways To Be The Perfect Party Host

5. Have One Main Attraction

It’s a good idea to have just one main attraction. This will help you to keep it simple and stop you from stressing out. Your main attraction could be a fun band that will keep your guests dancing all night – find out more here. Alternatively, you could make it something else and have a playlist instead. It all depends on the type of party you’re looking to throw. 

6. Do One Thing Amazingly Well And Relax With Everything Else

Aim to do one thing incredibly well, and then don’t stress too much about anything else. If you want amazing decor, focus on simple food. People will remember your party if you can do one thing really well. Trying to do everything really well will stress you out and likely water down your efforts. 

7. Invite The Right People To Your Party

Make sure you invite the right people to your party. Don’t invite people who you feel may cause an atmosphere – whether that’s because they don’t play well with others or because they simply don’t like to have fun. Make the effort to introduce people who you feel may get along, too. This could create some amazing friendships, and at the very least will ensure your party goes as smoothly as possible. 

8.  Be Clear About Children

People with kids may get stressed out if your invitation doesn’t clearly state whether their kids are invited or not. Some parties will not be suitable for children, and that’s fine – you just have to make this clear! You might feel bad, but if you invite kids you’ll need to think up activities for them, too. Plus, it may not be safe for them if the party is going to go on late into the night.

9. Make Sure You Enjoy Yourself

Make sure you enjoy your party, too. Otherwise, what’s the point? People will take your lead. If you seem jovial and in a good mood, they’ll enjoy talking to you and going off to enjoy the party themselves. If you seem stressed and all over the place, they likely won’t start the party with the best impression. How you greet guests can set a tone for the party. Don’t create an atmosphere! 

11 Ways To Be The Perfect Party Host


10. Hire Somebody To Clean Up The Mess

Do yourself a favor, and hire somebody to clean up the mess. Whether this is at your house or at another venue, you will thank yourself for it the next day. This means you won’t be watching everybody with eagle eyes and you might actually feel relaxed enough to mingle and have fun. Once your party is in full swing, you should feel like you can relax and enjoy yourself. You definitely don’t want to have to think about staying behind to clean up afterwards, or heading over early in the morning to clean. 

11. Call Cabs In Advance For People

Drink driving is extremely dangerous, and even those who have good intentions may get too into the party spirit and end up having too much to drink. For those who you know will want/need a cab, call cabs in advance and let people know you have done this for them. Better yet, ask them to give you a time. For those who don’t want to plan that far ahead, let them know that you are happy to call and arrange cabs when they want one. If you’re having the party at a venue away from your home, let the staff know that this is something you’d like them to do for guests if they ask, and have signs up letting your guests know where they can go to arrange one. Something as simple as this could save a life and stop somebody from making a terrible decision.

Booking cabs in advance is also super helpful if you are having the party at home, as you won’t need to feel rude for asking guests to leave when they outstay their welcome. 

How will you be the perfect party host? Leave a comment! 

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